7 Things You Can Add to Revamp Your Rental Room to Make It a Home!
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On September 15, 2020

They say home is a feeling, not a place. But more often than not, a place can induce a certain sense of comfort and belonging! Have you recently moved away from your beloved home into a rental room?

Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can ease your mind into loving your new home away from home.

Pride yourself for deciding to look at rooms for rent. It’s a bold choice and opens up your opportunities and options. It might be a huge lifestyle change, but there are always ways to make it less daunting.

Home can mean different things to different people. However, some things remain universal, that is, feeling safe, warm, and loved. It doesn’t matter if it’s the cozy basement at your parent’s house or a new rental space with new roommates. Everyone Deserves to Feel at Home. You deserve to come home after a long exhausting day to a welcoming space with an equally welcoming roommate, kick off your shoes, make yourself a cuppa coffee, jump into your comfy bed and wriggle your toes underneath the warm blanket. See? Even the mere thought of that gives you solace!

Find a roommate with whom you can easily share your room for rent fuss-free & happily!

Revamp Your Rental Room

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So, here are 7 things that you can add to your newly rented room to make it comfortable enough to be called Home.

The calming effect of certain colors

Colours like Blue, Pink, and Green, is said to produce a psychological impact on the mind and reduce stress while promoting a calm, meditative effect. You can repaint your rented room to a color that uplifts your mood. For instance, every time I see the color blue, I immediately perk up! Personalizing your space with the paint of your choice certainly gives you a feeling of ownership and responsibility, making it closer to your heart! You can either pick an already painted room for rent or make it a personal project and paint it yourself!

Revamp your rented room with a neutral palette to help you rewind and rejuvenate with a homely vibe!

Revamp Your Rental Room

source: canva.com

The right lighting for the right vibe

All of us have different priorities. You could need bright natural lighting if you’re a bibliophile like me or a student with tons of assignments! You may also have photophobia and absolutely abhor bright lights! Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, install the right blend of lights to set the vibe right. Fairy lights are now trendy amongst young people since it transforms any space into a cozy warm lit area for a lovely night-in with friends. The best part about getting a room for rent is the newfound independence! Make use of it and go crazy with the interiors. Do everything that your parents disallowed!

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Memory wall

You might want to decorate one wall in your new home with old memories and put up photographs of all your loved ones, special trips, pet photos, goofy best friends, and so much more. Add every love note, birthday card, a painting that immediately puts you in a better and motivated mood. Every time you have a bad day, you can go up to this wall to reminisce about all the good things in life and know that these people, who love you dearly, are just a phone call away! You’re never alone, even if you’re in a faraway land.

Home up your rental room with a curated wall that resonates with your personality!

Revamp Your Rental Room

 source: canva.com

Plants as pets

Maybe your landlord isn’t allowing you to keep a pet in your room for rent. But no worries, you can keep a potted plant instead! It looks like a simple task, but it’s a considerable commitment too! Studies show that having a mini garden for your home improves memory and strengthens relationships, not forgetting how it adds to your home’s aesthetic! You and your roommates can also find common ground in raising your plant(s) together. Don’t forget to water it regularly, though!

Pet a few plants at your rental room, and they pet you back with a warm and fuzzy feeling called Home!

Less is better

You and your roommates can follow the “less is more” approach for your rented room’s common areas. Too much furniture can clutter your comfort haven, making it stuffy. Instead of traditional American furniture like bulky wooden chairs, you can opt for Japanese Tatami Chairs, which are comfortable and take almost no space at all. They look incredibly classy too!

Decor up your rental room like an artsy minimalist because less is better, less is always more!

Revamp Your Rental Room

source: canva.com

The scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

Yes, you heard that right! A chocolate chip cookie perfume just for your home. Nothing can make you miss home like the smell of cookies drifting in your home’s corridors on a Sunday morning. In this fast-paced life, almost no one has the time to pamper themself with elaborate baking, and hence you can buy yourself some makeshift perfume till you go back home for Thanksgiving!

Bed accessories

Having the right bed accessories like the perfect pillow, the blanket’s right thickness, is incredibly important. They make it effortless to imitate the sleep conditions of your home to make the transition easier. You absolutely do not want to be that grumpy roommate who never smiles because they’re always sleep deprived! Make sure when you look at the rooms for rent, you check the bed mattress compatibility too since buying a whole new mattress will leave a substantial hole in your wallet.

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