How 3D Renderings Are a Career-Booster for Architects? Learn Now!
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On August 26, 2020

Architectural renderings are the key to many doors. Architects use them to find new opportunities, see old things in a new light, get bolder at creative tasks, establish great relationships with clients, and even get more free time. Moreover, 3D rendering enables architects to get the most of their investments in marketing and advertising, look cooler than the competition and have plenty of visual assets waiting to be used and reused in new campaigns.

Sounds too good to be true? Yet true it is, and this list is far from complete. Why miss out on all those amazing things? They’re certainly worth your attention. So without further ado, let’s dive in to discover what benefits architectural visualization can bring you!

How 3D renderings help architects build stellar careers

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The truth is, a successful career is not only about hard work, razor-sharp skills, and acquiring experience. In many ways, it’s about being curious and asking the right questions. For this is the only way to discover shortcuts no one ever thought of before — and thus advancing faster.

Well, architectural renderings offer exactly these kinds of shortcuts. One could write a book about them! But not today. This time, we will talk about the 7 most brilliant opportunities an architect can benefit from by using CGI.

CG Renders Are Great for Presentations

Career-Booster for Architects 8

How to make the decision-makers listen when they’re tired from the whole procedure? How to make them notice a concept when there are so many brilliant ideas presented? And, most importantly, how to make the jury understand the value of a project?

High-impact visuals are the answer to all of these questions. And the most amazing thing architectural renderings offer is the possibility to show the objects that do not exist.

Which means a CGI artist can accurately showcase any project in photoreal quality. Anything, be it a villa, apartment building, castle, hotel, school, stadium — you name it. And put it in any environment an architect needs. With these assets, an architect can catch the attention and speak with decision-makers the language they all understand — the visual one.

CGI Makes for Easier Project Approval

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Sounds impossible? Yet it’s very logical. The main thing that can hinder the project flow is the lack of understanding, and it’s often the case. It’s just too hard to explain things like how the cladding material will look, or how selected colors will work. 

While with architectural renderings, the architect can just show everything he needs. As a result, his client will be able to see the general effect of the design and appreciate every minor design solution. Which means there’ll be fewer questions, less unnecessary reviews, and way faster results!

Architectural Renderings Help to Explain the Project Cost

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“Do we necessarily need to use these materials? Why pay a premium for them when there are so many cheaper alternatives?” Those questions aren’t new, and there are so many more. And if technical specifications of each material will explain the functional advantages, there’s just no way to convey the visual superiority with words. Luckily, there’s no need for that anymore. With architectural renderings, one can just show how luxurious materials will make the design look.

This rule equally applies to luxurious projects with lots of innovative high-end features that need thorough explanations. Green roofs, barbecue zones, sports facilities, swimming pools, panoramic views on the ocean — they all sound good. But above all, one should see the way they look! Hence the need to show them and make viewers feel their benefits. And with architectural renderings, that’ll be a piece of cake! 

CGI Helps to Avoid Trouble

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When there’s a lack of understanding, problems may arise. For instance, a client perfectly happy at every step of the way can feel disappointed when seeing the results. “I pictured a totally different thing!”. That’s tough to hear. For even though the architect spent loads of time explaining every single detail, the client wasn’t able to visualize things. 

Architectural drawings sure helped to show most of the functional details, but they were powerless when it came to talking about the aesthetics, atmosphere, color schemes. Samples gave a feel of the materials, but they just couldn’t show what they would look like on big surfaces? Unfortunately, not. 

Meanwhile, architectural renderings have the benefits of drawings, samples, collages, and all other existing references. Layout, colors, materials — CGI can show them all. 

They Help to Build a Rich Portfolio

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A well-curated, spectacular portfolio is an asset that no competition can fight and no client can resist. It is key to getting new projects constantly. And not just any projects, but the kind that the architect wants to work on.

And here’s where the problems begin. When an architect looks for new visuals, he discovers that the best projects to include are either situated in the other part of the world, are under NDA or changed beyond recognition during construction. This, however, is no reason to give up. 

With architectural renderings, it’s possible to get photoreal imagery and even videos for any project, whenever it is located, and whether or not it exists. All he needs for that is to fill out the brief, send it to a CGI studio, and get showstopping visuals. 

 CG Renderings Make for Better Ads

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Whatever type of advertising you prefer, architectural visualization can take it to the next level. Speaking of digital marketing, photoreal renderings make for better ROI in any social media ads, allow for highly engaging posts, and mind-blowing banner ads. CGI is equally efficient when it comes to traditional advertising, like outdoor banners and ads in magazines. 

The reason for that is that architectural renderings give way more opportunities for storytelling. A CGI artist can bring to life any concept an architect wishes, from any point of view, in any season, weather, light, time of the day, add any details to the surroundings. The result is an accurate, yet absolutely irresistible advertisement. 

CG Renders Are Invaluable for Content Marketing

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Have you ever racked your brain thinking where to find more imagery for Facebook or Instagram? It’s a never-ending quest. The good news is, architectural renderings have solved this problem once and for all. To begin with, one can commission CG imagery in any number, and at any time. Another trick is that one CG render can make for a series of social media images.

For instance, one general view can be cut into several images. Or, a render can get a totally different atmosphere with the right filter applied. It means that after getting architectural renderings for a project presentation or approval, one can get plenty of new imagery for content marketing. A golden source that will last and serve for a long time!

Do you see now how architectural renderings are a career-booster? They help architects to easily excel at so many things and reap way more benefits from the same amount of work. In particular, CGI is key to better client communication, faster results, better content marketing, and a real ROI-driver when it comes to advertising. By extension, 3D renderings are a real competitive edge at tenders and competitions, helping architects to shine and get more contracts. For more details on how exactly that works, check out our website. You’ll find there all the information on 3D rendering services, its types, and examples.  

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