How to Charge a Moon Lamp
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On June 8, 2020

One of the ways of bringing the space feel to our homes is by owning a moon lamp. They bring such an enchanting aura to it, and one doesn’t need to be in space to feel it. The creation of moon lamps is as a result of both imaginative art and scientific breakthrough.

What is a moon lamp?

moon lamp


Moon lamps, just as the name suggests, are lights that resemble the texture, appearance, color, and shape of the moon. One can use it as a way of accentuating their home’s décor and also illuminating it. If you are wondering how to use a moon lamp, there are various websites such as the original lamps that have highlighted the multiple ways one can use a moon lamp. One of the techniques being as a study or night light. Thanks to the 3D printing technology, when using this lamp, one doesn’t face any danger of their eyes being affected. You can also use it as a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys astronomy.

Ten tips on how to charge moon lamp


There are usually instructions laid out after buying a moon lamp

2. The first thing you should do is to plug the power cord’s USB port onto the charging port

3. Plug the other cord onto the moon lamp’s bottom

4. Ensure that the charging light has been turned on once the lamp starts to charge

5. The light of the moon has to change while turning

6. If you don’t have a standard USB charging port, you should use one of a laptop’s ports.

7. There are also moon lamps that by levitation

8. All you have to do is to ensure you place the moon lamp on its stand in a correct manner

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9. You should place at the right corner

10. The speed can be adjusted according to your preference.

Frequently asked questions

How do you use a moon lamp?


Moon lamps are quite easy to use, provided you follow the 3-step guide. There is usually a metal ring located at the bottom. If you want to either turn the light on or off or change its color, all you need to do is touch it. If the brightness isn’t to your liking, all you need to is to long-press the said ring to adjust it.

Are moon lamps safe?


It usually depends on the moon lamp being used. Some moon lamps emit toxins when overheating. Hence you need to be careful when purchasing one.

What is moonlight?


The light produced by the moon is what is referred to as moonlight, and it is usually as a result of the earth reflecting the sun’s light on the planet earth. The light produced by the moon lamps resembles this light.

Which moon lamp is the best?


According to the review and buying guide put up by, the best moon lamp is the super 3DMall moon lamp. This is because it has a beautiful design as it was made from a 3D printer. It is also safe as it doesn’t emit any toxin if overheated. It is also very hard for it to overheat as it has been made from a good PLA material. It also comes hand in hand with a stand and remote control to activate it.

Moon lamps are great for the aesthetics of your home. They all have different prices to suit everyone’s situation. Therefore you should consider buying one as they are an attractive investment at The Architecture Designs.