When the Iconic Hermes Logo Meets Splash of Arts
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On May 20, 2022

It is agreeable that the exemplary architecture matches and improves the ambiance of a place, just like the noise of flowing water matches the mood of a beach resort. It provides additional detail and a constructive view that anyone can enjoy. But who would have thought of architecture being applied to art? Take a look at this iconic Hermes logo applied to an art piece from the Splash of Arts. But before that, let’s take this chance to know the proprietor of this art.

Splash of Arts: The Ultimate Online Media Source for Arts


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The Splash of Arts is an online media source that serves as a platform for exploring and learning about new and different academic institutions, as well as all various types of miscellaneous items and trivia related to architecture. It’s a broad spectrum that includes aspects like the most recent fence designs and creative ideas for structuring and refurbishing a basement bar. The team regularly posts articles for the devoted subscribers and viewers who want to learn more now and broaden their horizons.

Why Splash of Arts


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They promote inclusivity, and the lay terminology used in the posts is not pedantic, so you can appreciate them even if you are not familiar with the architecture. In addition, they have a carefully curated database of ideas for house renovations, gardening and landscaping projects, special event home decorations, and architecture, either interior or exterior, as well as terraforming and landscape design. These articles and resources can also assist experts working on the project, and you can explore and get motivated if you’re stuck on an architecture project. They have a talented and dedicated team; some are also experts with industry expertise.

Going Above and Beyond Your Expectations


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On the other hand, Splash of Arts is a team that believes that decorative paint art is about much more than just looks; it’s about creating a mood for an image. Designers, photographers, and graphic artists collaborated closely to create artworks worthy of being on the wall. Moreover, paintings are a must-have accessory for defining the style you would like to give your home. They can offer you one-of-a-kind artworks thanks to the High-Resolution printing equipment.

A Collaboration of Two Icons


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Now, the two excellent teams’ collaboration brought the Hermes logo to be put in artwork. Hermes is a well-known brand of luxury bags, shoes, accessories, and dresses, and to have it on artwork will be indeed an amazing piece. In this piece, every detail related to the brand was included, leaving no trace of disappointment behind. The best thing about this is that it can suit any wall. It has the elevating ambiance that must be in your place. It can inspire and motivate its viewers to achieve more in life, especially to own a piece from a luxury brand.

Overall, this collaboration that resulted in a piece of art should be placed on your wall. It is a worth-it price as you will never regret purchasing it. Be inspired and be a better person once you own this masterpiece. Better not regret this chance, so grab yours now!

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