How to Clean Your Front-Loading Washing Machine
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On September 10, 2020

In our day – to – day life we use numerous electrical equipment, technical apparatus, electronic bits and pieces, etc. thus they are nowadays a central part of human necessities, though their each day handling compose them dirty and grubby. Their maintenance is obligatory as if the equipment is dirty and grubby then it will absolutely form a detrimental environment. And no one would like to get habituated to such an environment. To get rid of such more related purposes not only you have to maintain those tackles in a proper manner, but cleanliness is also required.

Besides this equipment like washing machine, refrigerator, mixer, etc. must be cleaned on usual basis; here regular basis stands for week it means that such gadgets of your residence must be maintained and cleaned once or twice in a week, doing this will make convinced that you are habituating in a good quality environment, furthermore it will increase the durability and accessibility of your gadgets.

Front-Loading Washing Machine


You might get tangled with other works but you never forget to wash your clothes in your washing machine, as it is a doodad which is being used by everyone daily. We all know that this machine wipes the dirt from your clothes, but is it dirt free, ask a question to yourself how clean is your machine? Most often it would be dirty as we don’t give it much attention, we just want dirt free clothes nothing else, but you must even look over on the cleanliness of your contraption, because cleaner the machine; the more effective would be the process; and the cleaner clothes you get. You would notice that after you use your machine there are many dust particles leftover, there are surplus detergents, minerals, and sometimes you may scrutinize some other squander particles too.

For cleaning purposes of your machine you can go through the points mentioned in the installation book of your machine but if you have lost it or you find their ideas worthless, then here is where one can find how to clean the front – loading washing machine? We have come up with some improved innovative ideas so that you can clean your washing machine, without doing much labor and work, that too without doing any expense, all you want is just some of the key present in your abode and some tools, most probably you would be having all with you, and if not there then you can even procure it from the market.

Different parts of front – loading washing machine where dirt is collected

Front-Loading Washing Machine


While talking about home cleaning your machine it just not only meant to be the part where you put your clothes to get cleaned i.e. drum, but it means each and every part and place of the machine.

Before you start working on anything, you must plan it out because planning makes your process effective, easier, less time taking, and perfect. Though when about to clean your machine, have a look at the parts where the dust particles are been collected and where you are going to work on, you’ll find that the main dirt is been collected in drum, then comes the detergent tray, then the body of your machine, also you might have noticed it sometime that internal parts too gets dirty after half an year or year, thus those parts also needs maintenance and cleanliness; that’s the reason you have to opt for a tool bag while cleaning purposes. Let us discuss how to clean different parts of your machine, to achieve a properly cleaned and maintained machine.


Front-Loading Washing Machine


As we all know it is the major working component of machine which is been interacted by the user on daily basis, thus your dirty clothes goes in there and then they are washed out, after the washing is done the dirty water gets out with the help of drainage system though many dirt residue are left over which are then collected in a hump after every working process making your machine dirty and unutilized, moreover it makes it dull and cragged. To get rid of all dirt from your drum, you have to follow the 3 steps mentioned below.

1.Wash cycle – Vinegar

The process is very simple but time taking, all you need to do is add 2 cups of vinegar into the detergent tray and that’s it. Before you move ahead for your working process make sure that anything is not kept inside the drum, it should be empty compulsorily.

What will vinegar do? As we all are fond of that vinegar possess antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, thus it is included in one of the best cleansing agents not only for the machine but for other cleaning purposes too. Now what happens here is, vinegar is introduced inside the drum with the help of detergent tray, when the washing cycle is turned on vinegar goes in and starts fighting and resolving dust humps, this is all possible because vinegar deodorize and clear dirt into the finest particles ever so that they don’t again get indulged in and get out through drainage system regularly. But, is applying vinegar and turning your machine in the normal cycle will help you in getting rid of all the dirt? Let me tell you it is not sufficient to achieve the utmost result with just by doing this process, you have to keep one more thing in your mind.

You need to turn on your machine for long cycle duration along with that you have to opt for the hottest temperature setting. Though it could be risky but it will help you in getting rid of the faint smell which usually comes after the cleaning. Let the machine complete it’s process of washing and rinsing.

Note: this wash cycle will help you to get rid of normal dust particles, while for cleaning stains and achieving a disinfected washing machine you have to opt for another cycle that is wash cycle – bleach, further details are mentioned below.

2.Wash cycle – Bleach

Front-Loading Washing Machine


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You would be wondering now that if bleach is capable to remove stains at its finest then why should we even do the procedure of vinegar, why not bleach? The answer is very simple, if you start processing with the bleach wash at the first step then bleach undergoes reaction with the dust particles and gives a dimity to particles rather than deodorizing them, though ultimately you will get zero result for that, while vinegar is capable to remove those particles but it does not have well enough properties to remove stains, that’s the only reason of why you need a vinegar and a bleach wash separately? So now after washing your drum with vinegar, go for a bleach cycle.

You need only 2 cups of bleach powder, put it in the detergent tray, and make sure that there is nothing in the drum; the drum must be empty compulsorily. Once done with this, select ‘clean tub’ mode in your machine, if you are not having such mode in your machine then don’t worry just opt for the longest duration cycle in your machine and set the hottest temperature from the settings. Now simply turn on the cycle and let it continue on till the cleaning and rinsing ends up. Furthermore you can use bleach containing awesome smell as basically what happens is after the cleaning is done and if your cleansing agent smells none than it is going to create a faint smell after sometime which you would not like, so opt for a fresh smell bleach powder.

3.Empty cycle

Front-Loading Washing Machine


After then you are done with both the cycles, here is the last step of drum cleaning. And that is running an empty cycle in the machine. As with the use of vinegar and bleach we got rid of dust humps and stains respectively. But still you will find some residue of vinegar and bleach, if those residue remains there for a longer period then it is going to affect your clothes while washing which is a bad impact towards your cleaning process, also no one would like to spoil their clothes. For that purpose an empty cycle is required.

Keep your detergent tray empty or else dismantle it out with the help of tools, let the drum get filled up with water, do not change the previous wash cycle settings, let it be the same which is a long time period and hottest temperature, now let your machine complete out an empty idle cycle. After the washing and rinsing cycle gets completed it will make sure that there is not even a single residue is left over; there you go for your cleaned front – loading washing machine drum.

As we discussed earlier it is the major working component in the machine, so we should clean it out properly for better outcome, one can achieve a proper cleaning easily by just following the above mentioned steps thoroughly.

Detergent tray

Front-Loading Washing Machine


Another main component after the drum is detergent tray. Another accumulating places from where the dirt comes in the machine. Also we have used it for introducing various cleansing components in the drum, so it contains the earlier dirt and residue of various detergents’ and liquids. How to wash detergent tray?

First of all, dismantle it in a proper way that it does not get cracks or got broke down, after that take bucket fill warm water in it; add up a good cleansing agent in that water try using baking soda as it will absorb the residue in it and it will make your tray germ and residue free. Now all you need to do is, dip the tray in the solution you have prepared, let it be there in for 30 – 45 minutes, now take it out and start cleaning and rinsing every part of the tray with a clean sponge, once they soak up all the water and remaining residue content, wash the tray with normal water and let it get dried up. After the successful cleaning process, make sure that each and every part gets dried up because you are now going to reinstall it. Be concise while reinstalling it that it is places in a proper manner as before.

Some extra parts

There are some parts in the machine which can be dismantled and fixed again, usually in the time period of 6 months or a year some internal parts also gets dirty and untidy, what you can do is just go on take a proper tool to dismantle that after that you will see that some of the mechanism cannot be washed with water, for those mechanism be ready with some clean and tidy sponges and clothes, all you need to do is rub them out and then re – fix them at their proper place as earlier, do not mix match.

The body

Front-Loading Washing Machine


The last step for achieving a fully cleaned front – loading washing machine is cleaning the outer body. Don’t use detergents or cleansing liquids which affect the outer body material of your machine. For cleaning the outdoor bodies just put water on your machine, and start rinsing every surface with the help of clean cloth or sponge, furthermore you can use a soft cleansing agent for achieving the utmost cleaning effect. Make sure that you clean the door of the drum in the most appropriate way, otherwise the dirt will enter the drum and it will mess up all your cleaning efforts, and then you have to clean it again, thus no one would like to waste their precious time, though clean it properly.

As of now you have to clean your machine once a week after following those tips you have to clean once in two weeks.

  •         Wipe drum, drum door, and rubber seal after use.
  •         Maintain detergent tray cleaned.
  •        Take out the clothes as soon as possible after the wash.
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