How To Store Extension Ladder In Garage
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On September 12, 2020

If you are the owner of an extension ladder then there is no doubt you must want to know how to store an extension ladder in a garage or other places. Since the extension ladder is much weighty and big in size so it is somehow tricky to storage any place.

In this case, if you have garage then the problem can be minimized in a great manner. How? The answer lies below through our brief and step by step narration.

So continue reading and explore the extension ladder storage process that might save your time and energy. Let’s start.

The Extension Ladder Storage Process In The Garage

Ladder Storage Process In The Garage


In order to precede the next step, you might get to wonder why we were mentioning the garage storing process. Since there is a couple of ways available including DIY or pre-made solution! But we choose to show you the garage storing process because it is the easiest and convenient way.

By the way, you might already have the best extension ladder or you are looking for the one but due to storage problem might hesitate to select.

Meaning that we know the extension ladder is available in numerous sizes and weights depending on brands and prices. But you no need to worry as we have a solution for all sizes of the extension ladder. Now go ahead to see how to storage the extension ladder in your garage effortlessly.

Extension Ladder Storage Hooks

Well, there are mainly three types of extension ladder storage hook available that you can collect for your job. In this manner firstly you need to know which hooks are suitable for your ladder and your garage space. For this see each hooks brief description below.

1. Wall Hooks For The Vertical Storage System

Ladder Storage Process In The Garage


You can store your extension ladder in a small space by using this wide space hooks that are slightly similar to the L pattern. The hook work like a small beam that easily able to hold heavyweight and even large size ladder without any problem.

You can use this wide space hook 1, 2, or even 3 depending on your ladder size and weight. In order to use them properly and accurately, you can maintain a few inches gap from one hook to another.

This hook will be the best solution for you if you want to stock your ladder in a small space. As this wide hook store your ladder in vertical position that takes very small space and give the proper security to your device.

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2. Wall Hooks For Horizon Storage System

Ladder Storage Process In The Garage


The second storing system is almost similar to the vertical storage process but the difference is in this method you have to hang the ladder horizontally. Whereas the first hook is wide in size but this second one is light and straight in appearance.

It is an angle space hook that can be easily placed above the wall whether inside the garage or outside the garage. You don’t need to level the hook perfectly because at any level these hooks are capable to hold you small to a large size extension ladder.

In a word, if you have enough space in your garage then you can collect this hook for your storage system.

3. Overhead Hook For Extension Ladder

Ladder Storage Process In The Garage


The third number hook looks like the English letter U so you can say the overhead hook U shape hook. Generally, this hook has mounted on the ceiling of the garage by using other devices like a step ladder or step stool.

The overhead hook is a great option to store the extension ladder as it does not bother your lower garage part. The only issue with this type of hook is you need other devices to reach there.

Besides if you are not tall enough then this option might not suit you well. Otherwise, it is an excellent system that requires small space and at the same time not makes any change to garage other storage.

Is Hook Are Strong Enough To Hold Extension Ladder?

We often come across the question is hook are strong to hold heavyweight or large size ladder. Well, the answer is clear; the hook manufacturer builds the hook with the material that has enough strength to hold the ladder. The thing you have to mount it tightly and wholly to ensure safety. Otherwise, there is no problem to use them.

Which Extension Ladder Hook Is Best?

Ladder Storage Process In The Garage


Our mention all three types of the hook are outstanding in their way. Choosing among them depend on your garage height, size, and storage space. Clearly speaking as per your convenience you can choose from the three hooks and we assure you will not regret it.

Final Words

In the end, we hope, you might get the answer that how to store the extension ladder in the garage. We have shown you the most easiest and effortless storage system. Simply buy any type of hook and set up it in your garage and solve your extension ladder storage problem. Best of luck!