Integrate Jacquard Fabrics into Your Home’s Interior Design 
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On July 23, 2022

The jacquard weave. This posh-sounding name designates a particular manufacturing process used to create luxurious fabrics such as damask and brocades. The term “jacquard” comes from the nickname of its creator, who designed a device that is fitted to a traditional loom in order to simplify the weaving process. The creation of the programmable loom allowed for the appearance of a large number of diverse patterns.

Automatic production also made the jacquard fabric more accessible to the general public. Until Joseph Marie Jacquard’s invention, sumptuous clothing made out of richly decorated materials was solely the domain of royalty and nobility. The upper classes were the only ones who could afford the extensive costs. As the pieces were sewn entirely by hand, it took a long time for the clothing to be completed, and given the amount of labor they necessitated, the costs were on par.

Given its sturdiness and extensive aesthetic appeal, jacquard is used across a wide area. Perhaps nowhere else does it stand out more than in indoor decorations. If you’ve been thinking about giving your home a makeover and are aiming for an opulent, deluxe, yet tasteful and refined aesthetic, then look no further. Jacquard fabric is the answer you’ve been looking for. Below are some of the ways you can integrate it into your interior design for a marvelous effect.

Furniture upholstery 

Jacquard Fabrics into Your Home’s Interior Design


When you want to make your furniture pieces look unique, choosing jacquard fabrics is the perfect choice. This type of upholstery is just the thing your couch and armchairs need. The sturdy material is child- and pet-proof, so you don’t have to worry the items will get irreversibly damaged by stains or spillages. Many common household splatters can leave unsightly spots on your furniture, including food, drinks such as coffee or tea, as well as things that kids enjoy playing with, like crayons or paint. High-quality upholstery can withstand it all.

All you have to do is wipe away the stain with a tissue that’s been submerged in warm water. If you’re dealing with a peskier spot, however, you can also use some soap. You should use blotting motions and avoid rubbing the fabric, as this will only drive the fibers of the paper towel you’re using into the jacquard upholstery. Repeat the process until the stain has disappeared completely. After completely removing it, you should let the material air dry. Applying any kind of heat can be damaging to the fabric.


jacquard Fabrics into Your Homes Interior Design


One of the most obvious ways to use jacquard fabric in your rooms is to use it as drapery. Depending on the material you use, whether cotton, silk or polyester, they can be light and soft or thicker and heavier. Jacquard curtains are the perfect decoration for elegant, sumptuous interiors that’ll have your home looking like something from the pages of a magazine. Perfect for any season, jacquard curtains will create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere during the winter months while helping keep the brunt of the sunlight away from getting through your windows during the summer, therefore keeping indoor temperatures lower. They are also helpful if you live in an area with heavy light pollution. Strong artificial lighting might keep you up at night, but this concern is a thing of the past when you get jacquard drapery. The thick fabric provides privacy and prevents dust particles from getting inside. If you are struggling during allergy season, you know how important it is to keep your home free from irritants.

Duvets and coverlets

jacquard Fabrics into Your Homes Interior Design


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If you’re a fan of beautiful interiors, you are aware of how big of a difference decorative bed or sofa items make. Jacquard fabrics are perfect for duvets and bed covers that stand out and really make an impression. Damask is an obvious choice. This stately-looking fabric will make your room look like those inside a lord’s manor. A reversible cloth, the intricately detailed woven fabric is visible on both signs.

Jacquard fabrics usually contain embroidery and embellishments that make them look like precious, ancient pieces even though you may have just bought them. Jacquard coverlets are a good design choice if you like an elegant, put-together look. However, don’t think that the style will look dated or stuffy. It’s not difficult to find items in modern color palettes and designs, such as gray melange, browns or crisp whites.


jacquard Fabrics into Your Homes Interior Design


Many smaller items around your house contribute to the overall look of your home. The jacquard fabric also works for them, as it can boost their appearance and turn them from run-of-the-mill items to collection pieces. Some of the accessories you should have in mind include:

Pillows and cushions: These small pieces are usually the main difference between dull and creative décor. Whether for the living room or bedroom, cushions with jacquard coverings elevate the whole ensemble. The design is particularly striking if you have an indoor design that’s mainly minimalist, in shades of dark gray, beige, or earth tones. The splash of color will make the room stand out and draw the eyes of all your guests. You can also use jacquards as pillowcases. The material is airy and breathable and will provide many nights of restful, comfortable sleep.

Tablecloths: Jacquard table decorations are perfect if you hold dinner parties frequently. Since the material is stain resistant, you don’t have to worry about it becoming damaged, and because it is durable, the typical wear-and-tear associated with kitchen items won’t show up so easily. The next time you have visitors over, you can impress them with your keen eye for a perfect design on top of amazing dishes.

Decors: If you’d like to add a traditional vibe to your home, you can take it further by adding wall-hanging tapestries. The rigid textiles are perfect for creating a rustic and classic look that’s both charming and idiosyncratic.

When you want to upgrade the look of your home, there’s no better stylistic choice than jacquard. This timeless fabric will never go out of fashion. Now all you need is some jacquard-woven loungewear, and you’re ready to relax.

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