Marchi Architectes' Woodhouse 2.0 in Long Island
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On April 1, 2020

Project Title: Woodhouse 2.0

Architecture: Marchi Architects

Location: Long Island, New York

Who does not fancy an elegant house in a silent and serene place. Sometimes we all need a dreamy escape to calm our racing minds and for these we need to be away from the constant chitter chatter of the city. Bringing the outdoors in is a dream of many. Most of us loves the fascinating outdoor environment surrounded by greenery. By connecting the interiors of a wood house with it’s surroundings, we can embrace nature and attain all it’s benefits such as the improved daylight, fresher air, serene environment. Marchi Architect’s Wood House promises to give a positive experience of being at home combined together with the enjoyment of being outside.

marchi architects woodhouse


Marchi Architects are a Paris based design studio which proposed a woodhouse, Wood House 2.0 in the New York’s Long Island. The woodhouse is constructed amongst the dense oak forests thus giving a calm environment to the residents. The woodhouse is prepared from the natural materials such as vertical timber coating with a smooth concrete structure to give a feeling of warmth to the house in gently sloping topography. The interiors are designed to offer comfort and warmth to the residents which are provided by the rhythmic textures. The woodhouse constructed features open- concept design, many windows to embrace natural light and a central courtyard which are kept hidden. The spaces blend together perfectly to create a room for undisturbed circulation. It is divided into two levels a ground and a basement floor. 


The wood house in Long Island is designed elegantly to protect it from the natural elements by the surrounding trees. Marchi Architects has envisage their wood house 2.0 with a unique geometry. The house is designed with sloping roof which is designed in such a way so as to integrate it with the surrounding oak trees. The vertical wood slat coating and smooth concrete is designed to be the soul of the entire landscape. The exterior part of the wood house presents a seamless surface with full height windows present at intervals to give the resident the proper views of the surrounding greenery. 


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The house also features a hidden exterior courtyard which is surrounded by the living space. The inner façade being entirely glazed acts as a veil between the interior living space and the hidden courtyard. The symmetry and the angles of the wood house with the perfect combination of lights creates a radial organization. The structure of the house is unique as the inhabitant can descend his vehicle into the house from the roof through one of the circular glass light wells and also with the driveway leading to the basement garage. 3- 5 bedrooms are present in the house with multiple entertaining spaces. Projecting towards the tree line is a large swimming pool.


There are many amazing wood house made over the decades but Wood House 2.0 is a retreat for all those nature lovers which is built amongst the dense pin oak trees of Long Island. This structure shaped in the form of a circular den was envisioned by Marchi Architects. 

The cozy interior with the beautiful exterior is what makes the envision successful. A house surrounded by nature can be the perfect residence. Marchi Architects has designed many successful projects over the period but this project held a special place due to its unique geometry and it’s comfort environment.


When envisioning a break we always dream of going to a place closer to the mother nature. The fresh environment with the silence atmosphere is what suits us after a tiring uneventful work. A living room where you can sit and relax and can view the beautiful outer scenery or a courtyard where you can sit and forget all your problems or a pool where you can relax your muscles, Wood house 2.0 brings you all of what you desire. It can be your dream house


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