The Most Common Mistakes To Avoid During End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London
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On January 11, 2023

Relocating from one house to another is one of the hardest things in London. It requires completing multiple tasks like redirecting mail, cancelling utilities, thrashing unnecessary clothes and facilities, etc. 

The most challenging and stressful part is the end of tenancy cleaning exercise. It is a thorough cleaning exercise before handing the key over to the landlord. 

Apart from making the apartment neat and suitable for the next tenant, end of tenancy cleaning boosts your chances of receiving your full rental bond from your landlord. This means you can’t afford to make mistakes during the cleaning process.

Talking of errors, below are the top mistakes you must avoid during the end of tenancy cleaning in London if you must receive a full security deposit from your landlord.

Thinking Of Doing It Yourself 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


There are many things you can do by yourself, but the end of tenancy cleaning isn’t one of them, especially if you are dealing with a massive apartment.

Doing it yourself won’t only consume time; it will be stressful and tiring. Cleaning the house yourself can lead to health issues because it will expose you to dirt, dust, and other unhealthy particles. 

Another negative side to a do-it-yourself end of tenancy cleaning is that you might forget to touch every corner of the room. This will eventually lead to a re-clean or a reduction in your rental bond.

Hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning company in London that will deliver a top-notch service. Ensure the company you intend to hire has a cleaning checklist so they can touch every nook and cranny of the apartment.

Postponing the cleaning to the very last minute 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


Most tenants believe the end of tenancy cleaning should come last on their to-do list so the house will be sparkling when handed over to the homeowners. 

As much as there is a sense in that reasoning, postponing the cleaning to the last minute has more harm than good.

First, finding the best professional cleaning company might be difficult due to short notice. You might even end up paying more money because you are hiring them in what looks like an emergency contract.

Pushing the cleaning to the last minute will put you under intense pressure to beat the deadline, which could lead to poor results. 

Don’t postpone the cleaning task to the last day. Instead, contact your preferred cleaning company early and ensure they clean the apartment one or two days before the deadline. The house will retain its neat status during the landlord’s final inspection.  

Ignoring Normal Cleaning And Upkeep A Few Weeks Before Your Departure 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


This is one of the mistakes outgoing tenants often make a few weeks before their departure. They see no reason to sweep the compound, mop the floor, or dust the cabinets because their days are numbered. 

Unfortunately, their decision to stop the usual cleaning and upkeep will result in a more tedious end of tenancy cleaning.

They will end up paying more money to clean service providers or encounter more difficulties if they decide to do it themselves. 

Avoid such mistakes if you want a seamless and easy end of tenancy cleaning experience. Maintain your daily cleaning habit, dust the kitchen cabinets and light fittings, clean glass and windows, and ensure your furniture is neat like you always do. 

Not Removing All Your Facilities Before The Cleaning 

Remove all your belongings before cleaning the house for an easy and speedy cleaning experience. 

Hire a professional home removalist as soon as possible so they can move your properties to your new apartment before the scheduled cleaning date. 

Hiring A Cleaning Company Without A Thorough Research 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


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Many UK Citizens hire a supposedly professional company without any research due to time constraints, and their gamble sometimes backfires. 

Irrespective of the condition you find yourself in, hiring a company without thorough research is totally unacceptable. 

Visit the company’s website for more information on their service and pricing. Read people’s comments on their customer services. 

Other things to check while looking for the right end of tenancy cleaning company in London include service guarantee, insurance policy, review and testimonials, working equipment, and manpower.

This explains why end-of-lease cleaning shouldn’t be the last thing on your relocating checklist so you can have enough time for the research. 

If you are in need of professional end of tenancy cleaning services in London, it is important to thoroughly research the company you are considering hiring. This includes checking their website, customer service reviews, service guarantee, insurance policy, review and testimonials, working equipment, and manpower. 

Failing to properly research a cleaning company can sometimes lead to negative outcomes, which is why it is essential to not leave this task until the last minute on your relocating checklist. One company that we recommend is Skycleaners, a reputable and affordable tenancy cleaning company located at 83 Drapers Rd, London E15 2AZ, United Kingdom. You can also give them a call at +44 7879 101049 for a quote.

Ignoring The External Parts Of Your Property

Most people focus on the inside alone, forgetting the need to tidy external parts of the compound like balconies, patios, backyards, and courtyards. 

Landlords in London often check these spots during inspections knowing well that many tenants often overlook them when cleaning the house. 

Pay attention to all parts of the compound and ensure no spot is left untouched. Similarly, don’t spot-clean the carpet yourself. Let professional cleaners do that with their recommended cleaning tools and detergents. 

Leaving The Oven, Dishwasher, And Behind-the-furniture Unclean 

End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


This is common to people practising the DIY cleaning method. They sometimes ignore or forget the back of furniture during the cleaning process. 

As much as there’s nothing wrong with the DIY cleaning method if you live in a small apartment, you must avoid this mistake to impress your landlord or house agent. 

Clean behind furniture with the right tools and soap. Thoroughly wash the dishwasher filters a night before your departure. Don’t just clean it; run two hot cycles to eliminate all kinds of hidden germs and insects. 

An oven is another piece of equipment you shouldn’t clean hurriedly. Take time to clean and examine all parts until there is no stain or germ inside. 

Clean kitchen wall and all appliances, including stove hood, microwave, gas cooker, etc. Don’t overlook the fans, air ducts, and filters. Hire a professional cleaning service provider if you are not confident in your cleaning techniques. 

Using Harsh Chemicals And Products 

The last mistake to avoid during the end of tenancy cleaning in London involves using harsh chemicals. 

Again, this is most common among renters who prefer DIY cleaning to professional companies. 

Not all detergents are suitable for cleaning; some are too harsh to deliver a great job. Use mild soap unless your landlord permits harsh soap. 

Apart from affecting the fabrics in the house, soap containing harsh chemicals could cause some health complications, including skin rashes or hives. 


End Of Tenancy Cleaning In London


Though the DIY cleaning method appears cheaper, it will require much time and energy. Hence, it is advisable you hire a professional cleaning company in London. 

Consider all the factors outlined earlier when searching for the right end-of-lease cleaning service providers in London. 

Following these tips won’t only guarantee a fast cleaning exercise, but it will also encourage your agent or landlord to refund your rental deposit without any contest. 

It will also enhance your reputation as a good tenant because your landlord will leave an impressive remark about you. 

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