Why Natural Pebbles Are Perfect in Your Garden
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On November 16, 2021

Most of us have been at home much more than usual over the past year or so, and that’s given us a lot more time to spend working on our gardens. In an effort to enhance our garden space, there’s a lot we can do, from planting flowers to refreshing our paths, flower beds and other areas with natural garden pebbles.

Pebbles are an amazing addition to the garden, in fact, and can be used in a multitude of ways to make your garden better. If you’re wondering why and how you can use them, check out some tips at The Architecture Designs.

Natural-Look Paths

Natural gardening

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A lot of paving, even those using natural stone, just looks like a small road running through the nature of your garden. There’s a reason such things weren’t used in places like ancient China, because they would upset the natural harmony of the garden. Natural pebbles are sturdy underfoot, resistant to the elements, but also have the more important features of looking and feeling natural.

Coverings that also Drain

Natural gardening

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Other unnatural but necessary features of your garden include things like grates and drains. When you’re trying to create a beautiful garden space with a real natural feel, these relentlessly practical objects get in the way of that mystique somewhat. Pebbles are a good answer to this issue because they allow you to cover up these unsightly metal monstrosities, but also retain the necessary drainage.

Because the pebbles are loose, and not smothered in sealants designed to keep all water on the surface, it means that rain and other water can simply slip through. You get the best of both worlds: coverings that look more natural but that don’t hinder the flow of water.

Protection from Soil Erosion

Natural gardening

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Mulch is a needed commodity in a garden where you have flower beds, but mulch isn’t as protective as pebbles can be. Harder, more durable pebbles can serve the same function as mulch, look more attractive while they’re doing it, and at the same time help to protect the soil underneath from erosion. They can even help prevent weed growth.

Pot Plant and Tree Bases

If you want to place pots outside, or plant trees, then pebbles are a great way to spruce up the bases, help prevent weed growth around them, and make them look tidier while retaining their natural appearance, too. You can also use them in jars and troughs to cover the surface, adding more texture, different colors that suit the surroundings better, and so on.

Low Maintenance

Natural gardening

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Garden pebbles are the real easy option when looking at surfaces to lay down in your yard, even easier than flat and even paving slabs. The texture and natural drainage ensures that you don’t get sitting water on top of pebbles, which helps reduce damage. What’s more, you don’t need to apply sealant, therefore you don’t have to dig up and reseal them, either.

They’re real stone so they’re highly durable and you can walk on them for years without any damage or issues. The only thing you might have to deal with is cleaning up stones that get kicked up onto grass or into soil by children running or playing on them, or possibly a pet running over them too eagerly. Any way that you look at it, pebbles are lower maintenance than grass or lawns.

Huge Variety

Finally, there is no shortage of pebbles for gardeners to choose from. Pebbles come in all manner of colors, textures and shapes: grey, red, black, ivory, green; flat, egg-shaped, round, oval and more. You can find a pebble to suit any garden and any surrounding perfectly.

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