5 Best Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity
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On December 23, 2022

Many factors improve the productivity of employees, such as a motivational boss, a comfortable office environment, and the promotion of work-life balance. However, there are some other aspects of a job that affect productivity yet are not so easily identifiable by the employer or the employees. One such example is the state of the office premises. Although they may not realize it, employees work much better in a clean, well-maintained, fully functional office. 

Office maintenance plays a great role in the performance of your team members. In a functional and pleasant workspace, employees are more motivated and efficient. This is because their environment makes them happier and more relaxed. Therefore, if you’re a business owner or manager looking to boost employee morale, working on your office premises is a great idea. By undertaking renovation and maintenance activities, you will see a drastic change in your employees’ attitudes and demeanor. To help you in this process, we’ve put together the best office maintenance tips that will be sure to improve your employees’ productivity!

Invest in Professional Maintenance

Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity

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Office premises require round-the-clock cleaning and maintenance as they are used by a large number of people every single day. The first thing you should do is to ensure your office is properly maintained. What you should do is hire a professional maintenance worker and start buying industrial maintenance supplies. 

Your regular Dettol and Mr. Muscle products are usually not sufficient to take on an office. Hence, buy industrial cleaning supplies such as cleaning and maintenance products from the Continental Research Corporation. These products and chemicals are specifically designed for all types of commercial/ industrial premises ranging from drain cleaning, pest control, snow melter, and many others. 

With a professional staff and professional products, your office premises will remain spic and span throughout the seasons!

Carry Out Regular Inspections

Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity

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As a starting point, avail the services of a professional inspection team and have them check your plumbing, air-conditioning, electric panels, ceiling, etc., to make sure everything is working properly. If any problems are discovered, try to resolve them as soon as you can by hiring other professionals such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. Once everything is in good shape, make sure you schedule regular inspections at least once every quarter to ensure your facilities are working smoothly. 

The damage a damaged toilet or a broken chair can do to your employees’ morale is quite substantial. 

Modernize & Renovate

Office renovation can sound overwhelming, not to mention expensive, but if done in small steps over a period of time, it can be easily manageable. New-age talent needs new-age facilities and workstations. The traditional grey-colored 4×4 cubicle or an open floor with desktop computer setups no longer satisfies employees. 

Start small by adding fresh colors to the office walls – a nice bright yellow or blue is ideal for the workplace. Next, change out the lights to install LEDs that illuminate the room with a natural glow. Get rid of the old desktops and get your team’s official laptops. Finally, swap out the archaic setups for private offices surrounding a common area, or team rooms, which hold separate workstations for all team members. This will allow your employees to have privacy which will further improve their overall satisfaction. 

You may choose to do these all together if your budget allows it, or you may split these tasks over a few months. A great idea is to leave the floor plan for the holidays. That way, you won’t lose any workdays due to the renovation, and your employees will come back to a nice surprise!

Update the Office Chairs

Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity

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All furniture has a life, and office furniture’s lifeline is much smaller than others. That’s not surprising when you consider how much time you spend in your office chair in a day. Your office chair probably holds you for more hours in a day than your living room armchair does in a week. 

Once a chair’s life runs out, you can still make use of it, but it won’t give you the ease and comfort it once did. Without a comfortable chair to sit on for 8 hours a day, your employees are bound to be more agitated, demotivated, and noncooperative, which will not serve your agenda of improving productivity.

Therefore, regularly upholster office chairs and when the need arises, replace them with better ones that can provide your employees comfort and relaxation. The extra investment will be more than worth it when you see renewed zeal and enthusiasm in your workforce!

Bring in a little Greenery

Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity

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This one is a little unorthodox as it’s not so much of a maintenance tip but more of an aesthetic improvement tip. Plants are a great addition to office space, and they have many benefits. 

Firstly, studies suggest that being around nature improves a person’s mood. By keeping plants in the office, you can allow your employees to connect with nature while at work. Secondly, plants improve air quality by eliminating toxins from the air. This way, having air-purifying plants in the office can contribute to the physical health of your employees. Finally, plants significantly uplift the overall aesthetics of a space, and if you’re ever played the Sims as a child, you know how much a beautiful environment impacts mood. 

Quite clearly, having plants in the office is a great idea. However, keep in mind that plants require proper maintenance, which includes timely watering and sufficient access to sunlight. Therefore, you may need to hire someone with a green thumb to ensure your plants remain healthy so they can make your employees happy!


Office Maintenance Tips for Productivity

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As human beings, we respond to our external environment. We’ve all seen the cartoon strip in our childhood of two men traveling on a bus and staring out opposite sides of the window. The one with a scenic view of the fields outside is shown smiling, while the one with a drab view of the mountain is naturally upset. This is the case for most of us, if not all. When placed in a well-kept and pleasant environment, we are happier and more energetic, while an unclean, messy space brings down our mood and, along with it, our morale. 

By providing your employees with a pleasant and clean workspace, not only will their productivity improve, but so will their job satisfaction and overall happiness. So, get started today on improving your office premises. 

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