Can Roofers in My Area Advise on How to Help a Roof Last Longer
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On August 2, 2021

A house is probably the most significant investment most people will make in their lifetime. That means putting in time and effort for maintenance and upkeep to retain or possibly increase the value for when it’s time to resale. One of the primary aspects to stay on top of is the roof. 

This part of the home, if constructed adequately, means to last a homeowner’s lifespan in the house. But depending on your location, there could be exposed to extreme weather, catastrophic conditions, possibly landscaping dangers if trees aren’t managed, plus there’s the possibility of neglect.

How to Help a Roof Last Longer


Some homeowners forget about the roof altogether when performing household maintenance, avoiding inspections, with some not knowing the age of the structure when they move into the home and not putting any time into finding out. 

The problem with that is, a worn roof can lead to damage not only to that structure but the overall property. So how can a homeowner make the existing roof last longer? Let us find out.

How Can Homeowners Make Their Existing Roof Last Longer

It is not hard to forget about the roof when maintaining a home, but it is essential to understand the repercussions of neglect. The damage to the structure is not the only potential. Ignoring regular upkeep can also result in the loss of integrity of the property as a whole. 

As a homeowner, one defense against replacing the roof more than once in your lifespan in the house is to engage in regular inspections. If you find yourself asking what would roofers in my area advise over any particular problem you notice, it’s wise to have a professional perform a more thorough inspection. These can detect flaws and defects that need expert corrections. Roofers will also let you know things you can do to help your roof last longer. Some things that will help include:

Shingles And Pressure Washing

How to Help a Roof Last Longer


It is necessary to wash the surface of the roof to keep it clean of dirt and debris. That is especially true of a shingled roof. Leaves can work their way under the material creating a passage for moisture to work its way in. Over time this can weaken the structure. Plus, algae can develop on the surface, which will ultimately rot the material.

You do not want to use a harsh (concentrated) spray on the shingles, or the granules can loosen on the topcoat, and if you have a warranty, that may not be covered. In most cases, the suggestion would be to use a professional for cleaning purposes. The experts have the skill, solutions, tools, and knowledge of doing the project sufficiently.

How Is Your Ventilation

How to Help a Roof Last Longer


Vents and soffits will create condensation if these are inadequate or poorly located. That can lead to wood rot of the plywood deck supporting the shingles. If a bathroom vents into the attic, that can lead to significant issues for the roof.

These are not things the average homeowner will be able to determine. But these are problems that, if corrected, will help to make the roof last an extended period. 

When moving into a home and having the roof inspected, these are some things you should have a contractor look at as well, with suggestions on where corrections are necessary to save ultimately down the road.

Insulation Means a Lot

How to Help a Roof Last Longer


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Homes with cathedral ceilings and attic spaces need to have appropriate insulation installed to avoid “ice dams.” If you live in an area with snow, the top layer typically drips off after melting.

The issue for those with these ceilings is the lighting creates heat. That means the snow or ice will begin to melt from below first if there is not adequate insulation.

If that melted moisture becomes trapped under a pile of snow, it will begin to leak through holes like nail holes destroying the roofing material. The suggestion is that a trusted roofing contractor can place a protective layer of protection against the ice and water across areas of the roof.

Added Strength to The Roof

In certain regions of the country, there are added threats of severe weather or natural disaster, including tornadoes, hurricanes, serious thunderstorms, and heavy winds making it necessary to take extra preventative measures. When investing in a roof, the suggestion for homeowners is:

  • Roofers use distinct sealant/tape for installing seal decking.
  • Roofers implement specific nails (ring-shank) meant to resist uplift from wind since they have particular ribbing for this purpose.
  • Roofers use metal flashing to lock down the edges of the roof.

If you move into an existing home in one of these regions and an inspection shows none of these measures occurred, it is probably wise to invest in a new roof employing these techniques. If you do not, you will likely need to do so anyway because the weather will, unfortunately, at some point force a new roof.

Final Thought

How to Help a Roof Last Longer


Investing in a house is a significant commitment that brings much responsibility in maintenance. Being consistent with this prevents deterioration of the property for value retention and perhaps increases to gain a return on the investment. Upkeep includes the primary systems allowing the functionality of the household but also involves the overall property and the roof. See tips on roofing repairs here.

Neglecting the roof, the primary component of the property, can result in the loss of integrity of the structure as a whole. Roofers in your locations can provide many tips on maintaining your roof and steps you can take to make the structure last for an extensive lifespan. Professionals can also do roofing inspections as needed to check for flaws or defects that might need expert corrections.

If you live in a region threatened by extreme weather, including natural disasters or catastrophic conditions, it is vital to take extra precautions. Contact a trusted roofing contractor who can offer the proper steps to take to attempt to avoid irreparable damages when these unfortunate events strike.

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