How to Save Money Through Solar Energy
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On January 7, 2022

Solar technology and available solar panels in Shreveport have evolved and have been adapted by a lot of households throughout the state and it is now a very attractive option for homes and businesses as a clean and affordable energy source. Solar panels could absorb the energy from sunlight during the day, and store electricity with a solar battery. Here are a few tips on how to save money through the solar Energy Center of the World

Explanation about solar panel

Save Money Through Solar Energy


In order to have usable electricity, a solar panel is a device that would collect sunlight and turn it into usable energy. They are usually made out of solar cells, wiring, a metal frame and a glass cover.

What makes up a solar panel system?



Micro Inverters are installed at each solar panel that would allow each to maximize production. They will minimize performance issues if some of your panels are shaded at different times of the day or if they are not all installed facing the same direction.

Power optimizers

They are a hybrid of micro-inverter and string inverter systems. They condition the DC electricity before sending it to a centralized inverter.

String or centralized inverters

Save Money Through Solar Energy


This is a single inverter that would connect your entire array of solar panels to your electrical panel. They are the least expensive inverter option and it is a very durable technology.

Performance monitoring systems

Remote monitoring

Your solar PV system would transmit its performance data to a monitoring service that you can access online or with a mobile device.

On-site monitoring

This is a monitoring device that is physically located on your property and records the amount of electricity produced.

Solar photovoltaic panels

Save Money Through Solar Energy


Solar panels usually consist of a series of silicon solar cells that are covered by a sheet of glass and held together by a metal frame. There are wirings and circuitry in and behind the cells that would collect the flow of the electrical current out of the solar cells. The active component of the solar panel is in the silicon cell itself so when the sunlight hits the silicon solar cells, it activates electrons that would begin to flow through the cell.

Rocking and mounting systems

Rocking and mounting systems are the pieces of hardware that affixes your solar panels to your roof or to the ground. 

Tips on how to save money through solar energy

Check doe shade and debris

You have to remember that the shade does impact the system’s performance so you have to keep an eye for any potential shade issues, cut back any trees, and remove any debris to get the full benefits of having a solar system.

Use your appliances during the day

Save Money Through Solar Energy


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It may be obvious, but it is really effective. You are using the power as it is being produced when you put your heavy usage appliances like the dishwasher, dryer, and washing machine during the day to make the most of this time because of free energy.

Add a battery

You could take a look at your bill and find out how many kWh you are exporting to see if a battery is viable if you have not already got a battery. Adding a battery would be able to help you make the most of your system by using your solar power at night if you are exporting about 12 kWh a day back into the grid. This can also make a great difference if you utilize time-of-use metering.

Monitor your system and usage

Most inverters would have an app that you could check to see your system’s PV production. You have to make sure that your solar is operating correctly and learn how your system performs through constant monitoring.

Seasonal changes

You would expect that your daily simmer kWh production would be around 5.2 x system size and your daily winter kWh production to be 2.6 x system size because your system’s performance would definitely change with the season.

Stagger your consumption

Save Money Through Solar Energy


You could try putting the washing machine on at 11 then the dryer at 12, staggering your usage of electricity throughout the day to prevent you from drawing from the grid and adding to your electricity bill.

Heat or cool your home in the afternoon

You are heating or cooling for free and avoiding the evening peak energy rate when you heat and cool your home in the last few hours of daylight.

Get your panels cleaned

Anything that obstructs your solar panels would result in lower production of your system, these include dirt, dust, and bird dropping so you have to occasionally get your solar panels cleaned.

Use energy efficient appliances

To lower your consumption at night and get the bill as low as you can, you could swap your lights for LEDs and upgrade to energy efficient appliances to lower your consumption.

Shop around for a better rate

You are still going to be billed a supply charge from your energy retailer because they still provide power to your property as your solar reduces your consumption but you could be able to reduce your bill even more by getting a smaller supply charge.

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