The Best Epoxy Resin Projects
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On January 10, 2022

Understand, what is epoxy resin?

While most epoxy resin projects aren’t particularly difficult once you’ve had a bit of practice, it can be a bit difficult to get used to and shop around if you’re new to the art. This is part of the reason why we decided to bring together various high-quality epoxy resins offered by different companies, brands, and sellers and put them together in one place for ease of use. compare and contrast.

Here The Architecture Designs introduces the best epoxy resin projects which are very easy to make but have high market demands also.

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Best 10 Epoxy Resin art and Wood Projects

1) Resin coaster 

Resin projects


Resin coasters. It’s a really fun way to use up some of the beautiful shells and pebbles you collect on the beach. The jar lid is the perfect size for this, so you can use it as a mold for the coasters. Alternatively, you can leave it there permanently. It’s pretty simple, just put some seashells and other pieces in the lid and make sure they’re not higher than the edge, then pour the plastic mixture in and let it sit. Raise air bubbles as they appear.

2) coffee table

When using resin to update an old board, you can also add color. You can create colored resin to give the coffee table a shiny, eye-catching finish, and you can even add a second colorant of a contrasting color to create a truly eye-catching pattern similar to the lines. a vein on marble.

You can also just use a solid color if you prefer a simple look. In all cases, make sure that the resin is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the table and remove air bubbles.

3) mosaic designed resin tray

Resin projects


It is not possible to do a big resin work at the beginning itself, because it is necessary to have many types of practical knowledge to understand its portion. So in the beginning start with just a small project. For example, you could make a cool colorful sparked and mosaic resin tray. Take a bunch of waste DVDs and cut them into triangular pieces making sure to not leave fingerprints on them. Then, take the cake pieces and arrange them on the bottom of the tray. Then pour turpentine on top and remember to cover all the pieces so they don’t stick out.

4) colorful resin wooden coaster

Once you’re familiar with how rosin works and what you can do with it, you can confidently try out different ideas and mini-projects. For example, you can mix turpentine with different colors and create different combinations to get marble patterns.

You can apply it to some wooden coasters and make them colorful and pretty. That’s a pretty easy thing to do.

5) resin textured cheese board

Resin projects


For this next project, you will need to use a sink router with a 1/16 inch straight bit and knowledge of its use. The goal is to create a unique cheese plate coated with crushed turquoise. The project is reminiscent of these wonderful tables with plastic crossbars cut across them. It is not a simple project but it is definitely worth the time and effort if you have all the necessary tools and supplies for it.

6) resin tea table

Resin is a lot of fun to work with, especially when you add color to it and start experimenting with different patterns and designs. There is a lot of room for creativity in many of these projects. You can mix and match many different designs. ideas and personalize this project the way you want.

7) Resin artwork

Resin projects


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For anyone who wants to explore their creative and artistic side, we recommend creating plastic artwork. Of course, you are free to come up with your design and strategy. This is a lovely and relaxing seaside design that you can turn into a unique work of art. to display around your house. It works well in this case because it’s pretty abstract.

8) huge serving tray from resin

A simple wooden tray, two-part turpentine, resin pigments of various colors, craft paint, and a heat gun are the items used to create this beautiful serving tray. The design is abstract and nice and the colors were chosen in this case complement each other very well. Plus, the blacktop frames everything in a sleek and stylish way. Have fun creating your custom color scheme for this project.

9) simple and stylish resin coaster 

Resin projects


Plastic coasters are one of the easiest things you can do. If you want a clean and simple design, use a silicone wheel liner. Any normal lighter along with the supplies needed to create this custom design including colored paper, white epoxy pigment, and disposable skewers.

10) marble design resin table

This marble effect on the table is again achieved with the use of turpentine. Here’s a blue-based palette with three different shades mixed to create these wavy textures and marble-inspired overall look. The table frame has also been painted a light blue to match the new plastic top. If you’re not a fan of blue, try other colors that might suit your style better.

11) makeover cart

There is another inspirational project we want to share with you today and it involves rejuvenating and transforming an old stroller. It has three shelves and each one is made of rosin. Different color combinations were used for each and gold foil was used to add sparkle to the design. A pile of colored stones has also been added in this case.

12) resin fluid wall painting

Resin projects


Brighten up any wall in your home with this DIY plastic melt art project. It’s a really fun project and suitable for beginners. While rosin may seem intimidating at first, you’ll find these instructions very easy to follow. When you see the colors blend, you will love how unique and bold this piece of wall art is. For best results, try to find a resin that has a working time of 45 minutes, which will make this project a little easier for beginners. There is a helpful video tutorial here that will give you a good idea of ​​the technique before you get started.

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