The Benefits, Uses, and Wonders Thermowood Can Create for Your Home
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On October 3, 2022

Home renovation is an extensive and arduous project. You must look for experienced professionals and decide on the floor plan, down to the paint, finish, and other materials. Obviously, you want materials that won’t just elevate your home but will last for the next few years.

Thermowood or thermally-modified wood has surprisingly many benefits compared to other wood materials that are available on the market. In this article, we’ll define it, and discover its uniqueness and wide range of uses for your home renovation.

What is thermowood?

Thermowood in home


Thermowood is a hardwood or softwood that underwent natural and non-toxic methods — heat and steam. It’s baked in an oxygen-free environment to a temperature of 180 to 230 degrees for more than 90 hours.

The intense heat treatment drains the wood’s moisture, and the end product is a rich chocolate brown coloured product with minimal absorption. With little to no water content, it’s resistant to insects such as termites or warps and other factors such as decay, rot, humidity, and fungi.

How is thermowood different from other materials?

Because it was created without the use of chemicals, thermowood is both environmentally friendly and safe to use in the home. Some wood materials contain so many chemicals that they are not even safe to breathe. This is especially important if there will be children living in the house.

It’s also an energy-efficient material because of its natural insulation. Its fire and weather-resistant qualities make it an effective material for exterior use. 

Moreover, the thermal treatment makes the wood durable and stable, making it a material that is easy to use in construction. 

Visually, thermowood’s attractive chocolate brown tone is an ideal choice for any purpose — for your bedroom, living room, backyard deck, and more.

What are the uses of thermowood?

Thermowood in home


If you want to know where you can use thermowood, here are our suggestions:

For your exterior

Thermowood has several uses. However, it’s more famous for exterior use since it’s resistant to challenging weather and climate conditions.

Moreover, it can go without stain or finish. Because of its excellent properties, it can blend seamlessly and aesthetically into the design even without surface treatments. Upon UV exposure, its bare look transitions into a beautiful silver grey colour.

With its outstanding features, you can use it for your exterior cladding, backyard decking or patio, deck tiles, pergola, facades, stairs, and fences. It’s also a perfect material for your outdoor benches, tables, and other furniture.

If you have a garden, you can use this material for plant racks, boxes, or a wall where you can grow your vines.

Tip: Thermowood becomes grey without surface treatment, but it’s still advisable to add a coating. This is to avoid algae growth which can ruin the beauty of the material. 

For your living room

Thermowood in home


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Thermowood is sustainable, versatile, and luxurious. Because of its superb quality, it can be a perfect material for your wall cladding or interior panelling. Aside from providing a partition, it can also be a great material for your floor and doors for its strength and durability.

For your bathroom, kitchen, and dining area

Thermowood is easy to clean, and is also resistant to water and stains. As a result, you won’t have to worry about water damage if you use wood in your bathroom or kitchen.

You might also want to consider this material for custom-made tables and chairs. For comfortable seating, you can easily add cushions and throw pillows that will blend well with your space’s existing design.

For your study room/home office

Thermowood in home


If you think your choices are limited, you can also have thermowood fixtures like lamps and frames. The lightweight composition of this material makes it suitable for creating these and other crafts.

Using thermally modified wood, you can also create a study desk or a computer table. You may want to customise an office or desk chair, too.

For custom-made furniture for awkward spaces, you can always reach out to a draftsman near you. 

For your bedroom

As mentioned, you can use this material for your furniture — bed frames, louvre window shutters, bedside tables, cabinets, and more.

Naturally, wood is a fresh and warm addition to any living space. It brings balance to a space with clean lines and glass. With the beautiful colour tone of thermowood, paired with the remarkable glow of your chosen finish, you can transform your room into a sophisticated and luxurious space. 

Design + functionality = thermowood

Heat-treated wood is expected to last long, making thermowood an excellent choice for new home construction or renovation. It’s visually appealing, smooth, appealing to all senses, and has a variety of uses and functions.

With the costly figures of renovations today, always opt for materials with a long life span, strength, durability, and sustainability. After all, you’re not just building your home for yourself but your family.

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