Why You Should Use Fiberglass Conduits For Your Construction Projects
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On October 3, 2022

Contractors are choosing to use fiberglass conduits throughout their construction projects, but is this because it’s rising in popularity – instead of fully understanding its merits? Rather than being a sheep, justify your material choices by backing them with evidence. Throughout this article, we’ll take a look at how fiberglass-finished conduits are beneficial for your upcoming construction project. 

Great for Wiring

Exposed electrical cables are hit by adverse weather, which can lead to corrosion and serious accidents. Also, other harmful chemicals used in construction can cause them to break down and set fire. According to the National Electrical Code, a contractor has an obligation to prevent electrical damage. 

Fortunately, by using a conduit system for electrical wiring, you won’t need to worry about breaching laws. Further, fiberglass-finished conduits can be trailed above ground. This eliminates the need to lay them underground, which can take a significantly long time. 

Beneficial For The Environment

Use Fiberglass Conduits For Your Construction Projects

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Traditionally, conduits were made from PVC, but it became apparent that harmful organotin, cadmium, and phthalates were being released into the soil. Eventually, PVC conduits also break down and harm the environment. This had a knock-on effect because it began having a detrimental impact on children’s health. Fortunately, fiberglass is strong and durable and is less likely to break down under or over the ground. 

Reduced Risk of Electrocution 

According to statistics in the US, there are 300 builders killed each year as a result of electrocution. This figure can be reduced by adjusting the materials used and staying safe on the construction site. Converting to fiberglass conduits is a great first step because it won’t conduct electricity, which is great news for electricians and other contractors. 

Resistant to Corrosion and UV Damage

Use Fiberglass Conduits For Your Construction Projects

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Traditionally, cables are passed underground to protect them from the elements – including the sun’s UV rays. However, the PVC cables soon broke down and unleashed harmful substances into the environment. Fortunately, fiberglass is resistant to corrosion and UV damage, which makes them the perfect choice for conduits.

Cheaper to Transport

If you choose to use timber and metals, you’ll be carrying a heavy load and may need to assemble the materials onsite. Whereas, if you choose to use fiberglass in your next construction project, you can have the materials assembled before they’re shipped – saving time and money. Further, because fiberglass is lightweight, you won’t guzzle as much fuel during transportation. 

Lasts a Long Time

Use Fiberglass Conduits For Your Construction Projects

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Conduits are run underground and underground to support the technological infrastructure we’ve all come to know and love. Fortunately, fiberglass conduits last an incredibly long time and will help future generations enjoy infrastructures put in place today. In particular, phenolic conduits are fire and rust-resistant, which makes them the perfect choice for cabling. 

Construction has evolved over the last few decades, with contractors having an obligation to protect the environment while cutting costs. Fortunately, thanks to the versatility and durability of fiberglass, your next project will satisfy safety regulations, protect the environment, and last much longer.  

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