Easy Tips for Fixing and Repairing Your Brighton MI AC Unit
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On October 13, 2021

Are you looking for some easy tips to repair AC units in your Brighton MI house? If your unit is not working properly or broken, this can be very beneficial information to you. There are many do-it-yourself (DIY) alternatives to dealing with the unit that won’t properly work, cool, or shut down. Many of these tips are common sense, and you should follow them with relative ease.

Yet, when a breakdown exceeds your DIY skills, that’s where you have to stop. Unprofessional repair of any appliance can be very risky. While DIY efforts can work in some circumstances, a professional repair offers the advantage of having AC repair specialists get the job done right and fast.

Filter Inspection

Fixing and Repairing Your Brighton MI AC Unit

When troubleshooting your AC unit, you should always start with filters. They are replaceable parts that play a vital role in AC efficiency. Depending on how operational the unit is, they can clog and get dirty quite often. That’s generally the common cause of most problems with this device.

You can easily remove filters with a screwdriver and inspect them. Make sure they are clean and passable. If not, clean or replace them, depending on whether the device has disposable or reusable filters. Most new AC models have filters whose cleaning is not justified. The manufacturer recommends that these parts be changed regularly.

In order to provide uninterrupted airflow and increase cooling efficiency, you should buy a quality AC filter. If you replace the used filter with a cheap part, you risk ruining the air conditioner. Sure, local stores or online shops probably have these in stock. But the type of filter you need will depend on the model of the air conditioner you have. In order to determine which one is best for your unit, read the instruction manual or get in touch with the manufacturer.

Check Power Supply

Fixing and Repairing Your Brighton MI AC Unit

If you find that your AC is not functioning correctly, you should check the power supply as a possible reason. Many times, small things like a tripped fuse or empty batteries in the thermostat can be problem triggers. These are minor issues that every homeowner can solve fast and without wasting money.

The first step is to check the simplest things, like remote control and the power supply. If the problem is the remote control sensor, try turning on the AC unit directly. Also, check thermostat settings. Maybe someone messed with it, causing your AC to not work as it should.

As for the power supply check, unplug the air conditioner from the wall outlet and plug in another device to make sure the outlet is working at all. That problem doesn’t directly affect the AC device, so leave it to the electrician.

You should check the circuit breaker and turn it on. It is usual for any component of the system to trip out. If that happens on the part of the system where your AC unit is, you should check the power supply as a possible reason. Also, check the fuse individually and then check the entire unit as a whole.

Unit Cleaning

Fixing and Repairing Your Brighton MI AC Unit

Very often, the biggest problems actually have the simplest solutions. So regular cleaning of the AC unit and related ducts can save you a lot of trouble. Doing that as prevention can save you from unnecessary costs and time loss. You can check Schutz heating & cooling for more maintenance tips.

You might want to check the air ducts for any debris such as dust, dirt, or bird/rodent droppings. These can build up quite fast and cause some severe problems with your unit if they are not removed in time. Suppose the airflow is poor or lacks cooling effects. In that case, you can try unplugging the AC unit, removing any hardware, and cleaning all vents. 

The easiest way to clean the air ducts of your home is to use a vacuum cleaner and wet cloths. You can also use air conditioner cleaners specially made for these systems. These can remove any dust, mold, dirt, pollen, and debris. But if the deposits are stubborn, you might need a brush and some old-fashioned force.

Melt Ice

Ice dust on the indoor AC or icicles hanging from the outside unit is a regular occurrence, especially at low temperatures. These issues happen for two common reasons – a clogged filter or a freon leak. You can repair the first cause yourself, as already explained, and as for the second, it’s best to leave it to professionals.

If the reason for the poor airflow is an unmaintained, dirty filter, simply replace it. Also, poor airflow can be caused by dirty evaporators and clogged or damaged pipes. Repairing these problems is easy, and all you have to do is to get rid of the ice. Turn off the cooling option on the AC unit and let the fan run for a while. It should melt the ice in a few hours.

Don’t Mess with Electrical Components

Fixing and Repairing Your Brighton MI AC Unit

While in the quest of learning how to fix your air conditioner without any assistance, one of the essentials is not to mess with electrical components. You should avoid tinkering around with the power supply or anything that has something to do with the electricity. These interventions are not safe for DIY-ers, even if they have professional tools.

Unprofessional handling can cause some severe damage to parts that are not meant to be damaged in such a way. Also, it can be risky for amateurs. You are probably not qualified for AC repair and have no certificate of work safety training. But AC repair professionals are, so call them.

When your air conditioner shuts down for no reason, you may be wondering if it’s possible to solve some of the problems yourself instead of calling the professionals in. By doing some simple things, you can fix your air conditioner and save money on repairs in the future. There are many ways to solve some minor AC issues, but your safety should be the priority.

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