Tips to Prevent Your Glass Tabletop from Scratches or Shattering
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On July 22, 2020

Glass tabletops are essential decor upgrades that will instantly transform not only your table but also your entire space. They are elegant, and they add a modern feel to your home. Glass tables will continue to look great for a long time. However, that beauty becomes affected when scratches come into the picture.

Glass Tabletop


The tabletop glass is made with tempered glass. They are a lot stronger than regular glass. Despite this, some people still experience glass shattering, which disfigures the entire furniture and decor and necessitates a new replacement.

In this piece, we will be looking at ways we can prevent scratches on our tabletop glass. We will also be looking at how to avoid and keep our tabletop glass from shattering suddenly.

Clean Your Glass Tabletop Regularly and Properly

When you clean your tabletop glass regularly, you are not only keeping it clean and neat, you are also protecting it against scratches and enhancing its durability.

When cleaning your glass surface, make sure to use a clean, non-abrasive cloth, lint-free cloth, or microfiber cloth. Three types of material used in cleaning your tabletop glass can lead to scratches on the surface of the glass.

Napkins and paper towels are abrasive. These will scratch the surface of your tabletop glass and should not be used in cleaning your tabletop glass. Regular use of these will lead to scratches on the surface of your tabletop glass.

Glass Tabletop


Apart from the type of material used in cleaning, the glass cleaner used should be paid attention to as well. Stay away from products that have acid and ammonia as part of their active ingredients. These are not good for glass surfaces.

Instead, opt for glass cleaners that contain aerosol or products that have been determined as safe for use on glass surfaces boldly on the label. This helps you opt for cleaners that are great for your tabletop glass and will not cause unplanned damages.

You can shop for high-quality cleaners explicitly made for glass and mirror surfaces from Fab Glass and Mirror.

Besides the above, you may decide to make your own DIY glass cleaning solution at home. All you need is vinegar mixed in water for tough stains. For regular cleaning, a solution of water with dishwashing soap is enough to keep your tabletop glass shining and as good as new.

The use of non-abrasive and safe materials for cleaning like vinegar and aerosol glass cleaners will keep your tabletop glass free of scratches that may arise from cleaning.

Prevent Your Tabletop Glass from Scratches

To protect your tabletop glass effectively against scratches, you need to know as much as you can about scratches, their severity, and how they pose a threat to your tabletop glass. Below are the types of scratches that can appear on your glass tabletop.

Glass Tabletop


  • Minor scratches

Minor scratches are shallow and cannot be felt with the hands when you run your hands over the surface of your tabletop glass. To see them physically, you will need to look at your tabletop glass from different angles.

  • Moderate scratches

Your fingernails can feel moderate scratches, unlike minor scratches, when you run your hands over the surface of your tabletop glass. You need to look at your tabletop glass from specific angles to see them with the eyes.

  • Heavy scratches
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Heavy scratches are noticeable when you are close to the tabletop glass. They are deep and can be felt by the hands when you run your hands over the tabletop glass.

  • Severe scratches

Severe scratches are deep scratches on your tabletop glass that can be seen by the eyes even from a distance.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Minor and Major Scratches

Glass Tabletop `


The use of abrasive and harsh products will leave your tabletop glass with scratches.

  • Avoid Placing Kitchenware on Tabletop Glass

If your glass table is placed close to your kitchen, or right in the kitchen, and you serve your meals on the glass table, then you need to keep your kitchenware off the round glass tabletop. These can leave scratches on the glass surface.

Prevent items like plates, cooking utensils, and bowls from being placed directly on the tabletop glass to prevent scratches from happening.

Advise members of the family and friends to make use of coasters or placemats anytime they want to place kitchenware on the glass. This will keep your tabletop glass protected from scratches.

  • The Use of a Runner or Tablecloth

As mentioned above, kitchenware and cookware may lead to scratches on your tabletop glass. A considerable preventive measure would be to have a runner or tablecloth covering your tabletop glass.

If you do not want to hide the elegance and beauty of the tabletop glass, make sure to use tablecloth or runners, especially when it’s a mealtime at the table. This will ensure your tabletop glass is protected from scratches.

Glass Tabletop


  • Keep Pets and Children Away

Children love to play because playing is fun for them, and it’s how they learn. Play for children is unrestricted, and sometimes they try out new things irrespective of the outcome. Children performing activities close to and around your tabletop glass can lead to scratches.

Encourage your children to stay away from the glass and to maintain a safe distance. If it’s the case of toddlers and young children, a baby gate may be a good idea to keep them off the glass table and other glass and mirror surfaces.

How to Prevent Your Glass Tabletop from Getting Shattered

  • Rubber bumpers

Glass Tabletop


Rubber bumpers are perfect for preventing your tabletop glass from sliding off its base and damaging the glass.

Rubber bumpers are accessible in different sizes, colors, and shapes. If you would like to add some color, you can decide to opt for colorful rubber bumpers, but clear rubber bumpers are perfect for clear glass tabletops.

Rubber bumpers were explicitly made to keep tabletop glass protected from sliding or skidding down, which may shatter the glass. The size of the rubber bumper to use and the number of bumpers will depend on the design and size of your tabletop glass.

  • Heavy items

The tabletop glass is made with tempered glass, which makes them a lot stronger than standard glass. This does not mean the glass will not break when impacted with extreme effort.

As a result, avoid placing heavy equipment and items on your tabletop glass to prevent the glass from shattering suddenly at The Architecture Designs.


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