Safety Tips to Remove Scaffolding Erectors 
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On December 25, 2020

Building and taking down scaffolds are not easy tasks to accomplish. Scaffolding erectors are required to work at high elevations, which can be overwhelming for some. The use of this temporary support structure is crucial for workers to conduct specific activities.

When these activities come to an end, however, removing the scaffolding is obligatory. Having some basic understanding of removing scaffolding will prevent accidents and save time. These are some essential safety tips that every scaffolding erectors should know.

Inspect Every Platform Area


Inspecting each platform area for loose items would be worth your time. Aside from construction-related materials, there are times in which workers leave personal items behind, such as cellular phones and car keys. Checking every piping area would likely be necessary. Several items are sometimes left hanging within these areas as well.

Most of the time, an inventory list containing all work items and tools is present. This list is usually used as a reference when checking working areas to ensure that nothing will fall as the scaffolding gets taken apart.

Utilize Protective Gear

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Wearing protective headgear is not only crucial throughout the building process, but also when it’s time to dismantle things. Disassembling scaffolding structures can always cause materials to accidentally loosen and fall.

This fact makes it obligatory for workers to wear headgears at all times. By wearing protective safety equipment such as headgear and eyewear, the chances of accidents occurring will significantly reduce. We should always remember that safety always comes first.

Lower Items Using Ropes

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Instead of throwing items to the floor, you can attach ropes and lower them more safely. Tossing items from a high place is never a good idea. However, workers should ensure that they have the proper strength whenever lowering heavy equipment. Maintaining proper balance may also be necessary.

Dismantle the Top Frame First

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One of the first things you must remove is the top frame section. Before you dismantle the platform planking, you should take down the piping since standing on the planking is needed for removing the frame.

It would be a great idea to have two workers support each other, with one acting as a supporter. The supporting individual would help the other adhere to safety protocols as the dismantling commences.

For instances in which frame areas are inaccessible from ground level, placing a ladder against the scaffolding structure is probably required. After successfully disassembling the top-most section, proceed to remove the next level and continue until the entire structure is gone.

Look Out for Sharp Objects

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Some sharp and dangerous objects might cause injury if workers don’t exercise caution. These objects can cause damage ranging from minor cuts to serious eye damage when overlooked. Moreover, small tools such as screwdrivers, nails, and screws should not be present before dismantling scaffolding structures. The worker’s priority should be to protect his/her head and eyes as the scaffolding removal takes place.


Although construction-related injuries are not entirely avoidable, reducing the probabilities of them happening is always worth the trouble. Some of the many things that might occur include falls, bruises, injuries, and even casualties. Following the tips mentioned throughout this article will ensure the safety of the workers and the public at The Architecture Designs.

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