Turn Your Home Office into a Den of Productivity and Creativity 
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On August 17, 2022

For the past couple of years, working from home has become the norm. While before it was the domain of very few individuals, primarily self-employed or those who couldn’t come to the office due to an injury and had to stay at home until they recovered, remote work has increasingly become the ideal working method due to the Covid pandemic. When possible, employees have turned to moving their work at home to avoid sharing the same space with several other people and risking contamination.

Indeed research shows that work from home has become the preferred alternative for the majority of employees, even after the offices have opened. The convenience of working at home is undeniable. First of all, you don’t have to worry about transportation, so you reduce the amount you spend on gas for your car and don’t have to huddle with large crowds when commuting. Secondly, it’s about ease and convenience. Being at home means you’ll feel more relaxed and have an easier time taking breaks when you need them.

However, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of procrastination. This is a common occurrence when working from home. It can become challenging to keep up with the designated working hours, which means you will have to work extended periods other times to compensate. You don’t want to fall behind on projects and have the work pile up, so it’s essential to create an office space that can help you work efficiently and proactively.

Make it quiet 

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The best way to focus on your work is to ensure you have all the peace and quiet you need. When you set your home office in the right place, that’s half your work already done. This is easy if you live alone but can be a challenge otherwise. If you have a young family, finding a quiet spot can be a real struggle. Which is why you need to become creative about your arrangements. Choose demountable walls that allow you to separate your office space from the rest of the home. These appliances are beneficial, as they can be detached and moved to another location as you see fit. Your office doesn’t have to be stationary this way, and you can move to another room if another family member needs the space you used before.

Demountable wall partitions are also crucial for protecting your privacy and making sure all your important documents stay in place. When working from home, you can sometimes lose sight of where you place important papers, then spend a long amount of time looking for them. An enclosed space will make it easier to keep everything in good order, so you don’t have to rifle through mountains of papers to find the items you require.

Air and light

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The conditions you work in are key to your productivity and efficiency. When the environment is not good, you won’t be able to focus correctly, come up with new ideas, and finish your tasks. Air quality is one of the most essential aspects. When you spend a long time indoors, this quality is impacted. Common household concerns, such as dust or the smell of cooking, can disrupt your work day. One of the easiest ways to combat them is to get plants to help. Greenery such as aloe vera or English Ivy helps filter the air and reduce the concentration of pollutants around your desk. They are also relatively sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about watering them constantly or giving them extra care, which could take you from your work. Moreover, if you’re not adept at caring for houseplants, you don’t have to stress about damaging or killing them. They’re very likely to fare well even with minimal care.

If you want to take it a step further, you can get an air purifier. These gadgets are perfect for removing odors from the air and ensuring allergens and outdoor pollution don’t impact your health. If you choose a larger, heavy-duty model, it’ll be an asset not only for the home office but for your whole house and family.

You can also make your home office more relaxing and inviting by using essential oils for aromatherapy through air diffusers. An air diffuser can distribute lavender, chamomile, lemon, or any of your favorite scents into your home office, boosting your mood and productivity. If you don’t have an air diffuser, you can create a homemade version by adding a few drops of essential oil in a glass or bowl of hot water, distributing the scent via steam. Another way to make your home office smell fresh is cutting a lemon in half, taking out the juice for drinking, and placing empty peels on your desk. Commercially available air deodorizing agents are also available in various scents with disinfectant properties.

Light is similarly important. You should set your office in a place where you’ll get plenty of natural light. When you get daylight coming in through your windows, you’ll feel more energized and ready to tackle the day ahead of you. It also helps reduce your energy consumption since you won’t have to rely on artificial lighting to do your work. However, if you live in a hotter climate and the sun can become too harsh around noon, you can benefit from installing some blinds to keep most of the heat away while ensuring you still get optimal levels of light.

Prioritize ergonomics 

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Ergonomic furniture isn’t a luxury choice. It is a necessity both at the central office and the home office. You spend the better part of your day sitting at a desk, so you should try and make it a comfortable experience. Spending your days sitting in an uncomfortable position for hours on end will take its toll on your overall health. Inadequate posture is bad for your spine, and the cumulative damage can leave you struggling with chronic pain.

You want to choose a chair and desk that are well suited to your height and will help you concentrate better. You don’t want something too inflexible, but you also don’t want a seat that feels like a bed and will make you want to nap constantly. If you’re looking for high-quality ergonomic chairs, choose ones with adjustable height and armrests to prevent back pain and postural problems. Durable ones have sturdy materials, like solid wood and stainless metal, with superior construction. You can find ergonomic chairs, desks, and other furniture items at Freedman’s Office Furniture and other reputable furniture stores. 

Taking regular breaks during which, you stand from your desk is also essential. Not getting enough movement will make you feel sore, and it can cause serious health problems in some people, such as blood clots. The next time you take a break, don’t spend it scrolling the internet. Stand up and walk around a little. Get some sun and fresh air outdoors. You can go to your garden, where you can also appreciate the beauty of nature with beautiful blossoms and lush green shrubs, grasses, and trees. Furthermore, you can stroll with your dog in the neighborhood, considering it a form of exercise.

Assembling a home office can be challenging, as there are many things to consider. However, it is the only way to guarantee you do the same good work from home as you did from the company’s office.

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