Why is Using a Guano Clearance Service Beneficial?
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On December 24, 2021

More property owners are choosing to invest in guano clearance services than ever before. This is due to the influx of birds to urban and city areas, with them choosing buildings as their home for roosting and nesting. When there are a lot of birds on your building, this means that guano is going to appear. This is another word that is used for bird droppings.

But what are guano clearance services and why are they going to be beneficial? Well, if you have a pest bird problem, this is something you really want to know about. Let’s take a closer look.

What is a Guano Clearance Service?

Guano Clearance Service Beneficial

source: thesafegroup.co.uk

First of all, it is important to understand what a guano clearance service is and what you can expect from one. Simply, a guano clearance service is provided by professionals that know how to remove bird droppings from your building. This is a task that requires having all of the right equipment. In particular, professionals have to wear PPE, which includes overalls, rubber gloves and breathing apparatus. This is important due to the risks posed by guano.

Using guano clearance services means that they are already going to have all of the right equipment and treatment to get rid of bird droppings effectively. In addition, dust control measures are used to protect the area. You can find out more about how this service works at apexbirdcontrol.uk. All of the waste is removed and disposed of correctly since it is classed as hazardous waste. What’s more, companies like Apex Bird Control complete insecticidal treatments to stop secondary infestations of mites and fleas.

What Are the Benefits of a Guano Clearance Service?

Guano Clearance Service Beneficial

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Now that you know what a guano clearance service is, you might be wondering what the benefits of choosing one are. Well, there are many advantages you can look forward to when you choose this service. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Restores Your Building

First of all, one of the best things about a guano clearance service is that it is going to restore the style of your building. Bird droppings can be very messy and over time, especially if you have had a bird infestation, they can accumulate and hide the brickwork of your property. This is something that looks terrible and it can really bring down the look of your building, whether this is your home or your commercial property.

With a guano clearance service, professionals are going to be able to clear all of this mess away and uncover what your building used to look like. This will improve the aesthetics of the building, protecting your reputation. No longer do you have to look at unsightly messes.

Prevents Health and Safety Problems

Not a lot of people realise just how dangerous bird guano can be. Of course, it makes a mess of your buildings. But, it can actually pose a serious health and safety risk when it is on your property. Bird guano has the ability to make people sick due to a fungus that can grow. When the droppings dry, this can even become airborne. A professional guano clearance service is going to prevent this from happening.

Protects Your Property

Guano Clearance Service Beneficial

source: protechpropertysolutions.co.uk

Let’s not forget that bird guano is not just terrible to look at. Once it accumulates, it can actually cause damage to your property. Bird droppings are known to be acidic and this can slowly damage your building and the materials it is made from. This damage will be permanent. This can make it look bad, as well as lower the price of your property if you want to sell later on.

The best thing you can do is use a guano clearance service. This is going to remove the bird droppings so that they do not have the chance to damage your property. The key is removing them quickly and efficiently so that the acidity does not become a problem. Experts know the best way to clear the guano from your building.

Stops Secondary Infestations

Did you know that bird guano can lead to further infestations? It is not just the birds you need to be worried about. In fact, their droppings can lead to fleas being present, as well as mites. This is not something that you want to hear and it will mean that you have a secondary infestation to deal with. The last thing you want is to have blood feeding insects present too.

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