Why Wood Is Good In The Kitchen And On The Table
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On February 22, 2021

Whether you’re renovating, building new, or simply upgrading some of the features in your kitchen, deciding on the materials to use can be one of the most stressful aspects of the design. Although laminate, tiles and steel look great, there’s only one product that truly stands the test of time. Here are five reasons why people are turning to wood for their kitchen, and on the table.

Adds Warmth

wood kitchen furniture

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As a natural material, wood adds immediate warmth to any environment. It looks elegant, can be creative and artistic, and gives your kitchen a beautiful aesthetic. With rich tones and a variety of finishes, by adding wood to your kitchen you’re embracing a style that will never go out of fashion. Whether it’s the floors, bench tops, or your homewares and furnishings, wood is timeless and classic.

Naturally Healthy

Wood is an environmentally friendly choice for your kitchen design, particularly when compared to synthetic materials. It’s a renewable resource, for starters, and it’s non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s not only healthy for the environment though! Wood, and particularly the use of wood for chopping boards and benches, is naturally antibacterial. Research has found that germs and bacteria grow faster on plastic and metal surfaces; and wood is non-reactive, so it won’t respond to acid in your food.

It Lasts

wood kitchen furniture

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It makes sense – trees can live for hundreds of years in the woods, so why wouldn’t they last in your kitchen? Although the wear and tear is a little different, you’ll find that wooden utensils, furniture, walls and benches are highly durable, provided you take care of them. And if they are looking a little worse for wear, they can be re-polished and waxed so look brand new again. You don’t get that with steel or plastic!

It’s Unique

One of the most popular reasons people use wood is that the options are endless. You can use it on the floor, walls, furniture or your utensils, and you can stain it, sand it, paint it, or leave it looking natural. You can choose from different wood types, including cedar and pine, and each piece of wood has its own unique design as well, thanks to the knots, grain and colors.

Great For Utensils

wood kitchen furniture

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Gone are the days centuries ago where wood utensils were used by poor folk, and silver was used by the rich. Today, the benefits of woodware have long outlived the prestige of silverware and modern cooks prefer to use wood over other utensil types. There are plenty of wooden utensils and accessories you can buy for the kitchen that will enhance the natural feel of the room.

Items like Australian Timber’s Salt & Pepper Mills and Salt Pots look great and are guaranteed to impress your dinner guests. Not only that, but given salt is corrosive, wooden boxes enhance the quality and taste, rather than deteriorating chemicals from steel or plastic that could actually end up in your mouth.

If you want advice on how best to use wood, or to discuss your next kitchen project, get in touch with our team today.

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