An Adorable Miniature Trees: Bonsai Trees
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On August 10, 2019

Bonsai Tree is the Historical Art form of cultivating trees in Japan and China. Bonsai Trees are mimic the giant tree as a form of structure, looks, and scale but their size is fittable in house. Bonsai Tree not the new thing for the world but that thousands-year cultivation small tree with great care and artistic way to present the importance of farmer or artists.

The purpose of bonsai is decoration house with a green and natural object, caring and cultivation method of cultivation and cultivator. Growing Bonsai is not short turn process but that long turns precess with needs of great care, sunlight, and proper fertilizer. And the main thing to understand Bonsai not use for food or medicinal purpose. But it is generally used for increasing focus on long-term and cultivating process. If you are new in cultivating plants then we have a Gardening related website who have appropriate and reached information about gardening.

1.Shohin Bonsai

Shohin Bonsai 1source:

2.Cascade Bonsai

Cascade Bonsai 2source:

3.Ficus Microcarpa ginseng ikea

Ficus Microcarpa ginseng ikea 3source:

4.Yamadori Bonsai

Yamadori Bonsai 4source:

5.Norway Spruce Bonsai

Norway Spruce Bonsai 5source:

6. Junipiter Karate KId Bonsai

Junipiter Karate Kid Bonsai 6source:

7.Dwark Alberta Spruce Bonsai

Dwal Albarta Spruce Bonsai 7source:

8.Mulberry Bonsai

Mulberry Bonsai 8source:

9. Blue star Junipiter bonsai

Blue star juniper bonsai tree 9source:

10.Japanese Dark pine Bonsai

Japanese Dark Pine Bonsai 10source:

11. Premna MIcrophylla Bonsai

Premna Microphylla Bonsai 11source:

12.Semi Cascade bonsai

Semi Cascade Bonsai 12source:

13.Korean Hornbeam

Korean HornBeam 13source:

14.HomlocK Bonsai

Homlock Bonsai 14source:

15.masahiko kimura bonsai

Masahiko Kimura Bonsai 15source:

16.Orange Bonsai

Orange Bonsai tree 16source:

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17.Lemon Bonsai

Lemon Bonsai Tree 17source:

18.Banyan Tree Bonsai  

Banyan Bonsai tree 18source:


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