Are Canister Vacuums Better than Upright?
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On September 24, 2020

Buying for the right vacuum is always overwhelming and confusing. It depends on models, range, price, different features, and specifications. If you want to find the right vacuum for your home, it can be not easy to process. It doesn’t matter what features or brand you may have in mind, but the best way to find into the comfortable. There are two different designs and categories of vacuum available in the market, such as Canister Vacuum and Upright Vacuum Cleaner. They are not only different designs but also different futures that users chose on their comfortable zoon.

Upright Vacuum 



Canister and upright vacuum cleaners can be alienated from the design of the device. Where upright vacuums are all-in-one devices of a sort, and canister vacuum consists of the motor and dirt container connected with the handle and head by a hose. This kind of vacuum stands upright, and a combination of the powerhead, dirt container and handle are all attached as parts of the same unit.

Canister Vacuum 

Canister Vacuum is a form of arrangement of connection where a hose with the handle and head to a canister that house connected with the motor and dirt container. It is a common alternative and the traditional design that technical criteria for canister vacuums are a wand ending in a cleaning nozzle. It allies to the vacuum unit by a hose. The vacuum has separated units such as the powers section, the hose, the motor along with the filter, collection bag, and other operating components of the vacuum.

Canister vs. Upright Vacuums – Which one is Better?



It depends on the choice, heavily upon your usage, personal preference, and on your budget. Canister vacuums are usually quieter, and also cost more. Canister is the best suction vacuum for bare floors and carpet. On the other hand, upright vacuums are professional carpet cleaners, less expensive, and easier to move and store. To know what is better, keep reading for the advantages and disadvantages of each vacuum.

Canister Vacuum

Advantage of canister vacuum

Usually, vacuum cleaners are loud. So whichever types of vacuum you choose are loud enough most of the time. If we analyze an average model vacuum, it creates roughly 70 decibels of noise. But canister vacuum provides a quitter upgrade vacuum which cloaks in at about 70 decibels. So this would be a great vacuum for those people who are especially sensitive to noise.

Weight and Maneuverability

The canisters vacuum are slightly lighter than others model. Where the others are a few pounds in weight, this canister vacuum is much more lightweight rather than using the full device across the floor.

So you find the noticeable difference when vacuuming stairs or tough spaces. So we recommend using it if you prefer an even lighter option.

Manageable Retractable Cords



You may find a retractable cord that hides inside the canister. It mainly provides a clean appearance when it is not used or reduces the chance of tripping over the cable.

Suction power

Generally, the canister vacuum has more suction capability than the other models. Through this power, you may able to cleaning bare floors. It also is efficient at carpet cleaning that has enough suction spaces.

Disadvantages of Canister Vacuums

You cannot use canister vacuum cleaners immediately. It will take a little time to operate. There are usually some accessories in place that is required before you can use them. So they are not as a matter-of-fact for quick use.

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Not Easy to Store

A canister vacuum is a combination of the hose and wand that can be harder to store than upright vacuum cleaners. Besides, once disassembled, it needs to fit in a small closet.

Tough to caring 



Some homeowner doesn’t like to drag the canister after them. When you move with a vacuum head, there can be impacts on the furniture. Though it is less of an issue, you need a protective rubber casing on the canister’s sides. On the other hand, if the canister wheels are too small, sometimes they may stick with power cords or thick carpets.

You’ll have to pull or carry the canister from room to room. If you have back pains, that can be a problem. Because while using a canister vacuum cleaner, you have to bend over, this is the main issue. So you have to be careful. Otherwise, the canister can easily bang into and scuff up walls or furniture. But some manufactures partly reconcile this problem by using hand controls on the wand.

When choosing a canister vacuum, think about the weight when you buy a canister vacuum that weighs as little as 7.5 pounds. If you want to compare noise, most uprights start around 75 decibels. While running this vacuum, it makes more noise.

Upright vacuum 

An upright vacuum is a traditional and popular design that consists of the motor, and the suction head put in the same unit. The user needs to push in front of him.

Advantages of Upright vacuum 



In general, an upright vacuum is cheaper than canister vacuum cleaners that convinces first to the consumer.

Since upright vacuums utilize motorized brushes that are efficient cleaning thick carpets and rugs, you can control your foot cleaning bare floors and carpets. It contains a hose attachment by using; you don’t need to bend your back.

The most advantages of an upright vacuum are too easy to storage. And there are no accessories to descend and put away. You can also operate without making preparations. They usually contain a wider cleaning path. The upright vacuum will be the right choice for many homeowners.

Disadvantages of Upright vacuum 

It is said that upright vacuum rarely has a good sound padding, and noisier than canister vacuum cleaners.

An upright vacuum can be heavy (up to 20 pounds), and sometimes difficult to pull back and forth in the entire house. They are also a lot harder to carry in stairs.

On the other hand, it is less effective when cleaning corners or under furniture, even if some models are now outfitted with a small hose for these purposes.

You’re Choice 



The upright vacuum cleaner was the preferred option for carpet cleaning, and the canister vacuum was the best choice for bare floors. Both of them are trying to fill up the gaps. Where upright vacuum cleaner upgrades their small hoses and canister vacuum equipped with brush accessories. Before buying an upright vacuum, you need to be concerned about the house surfaces of the carpet. And the rotating brushes are also better for cleaning the dust from the carpet.

On the other hand, the canister vacuum cleaner provides a neat advantage over the upright vacuum. It’s more powerful and easier to handle and also clean faster. For your bare floor house, this canister vacuum would be the best one. Just select your exact floor types.

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