4 Types of Custom Lights for Your Bedroom
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On August 1, 2020

Your bedroom is your nightly sanctuary. It is where you find comfort and relaxation. You spend at least eight hours of your time there to recharge via a good night’s sleep. It is one room in the house where you want to spend almost every minute because it gives you peace and tranquillity like no other. So whether you have regular or custom lights in there, you will always choose to stay there.

Most people have a regular bulb for almost all seasons. But in reality, lighting the bedroom the right way gives a person many benefits. Aside from helping you achieve an undisturbed sleeping mode, it also allows you to do other focus-based activities such as reading, applying makeup, and even working on your laptop. The custom lights are useful yet decorative, as these four types will show.

General lights 

General Bedroom Lightssource: housebeautiful.com

When it is daytime, your room usually gets its light and airy vibe from the natural sunlight streaming through the windows. But there are times – especially when the weather is cloudy or stormy – that it is dim and insufficient. General bulbs allow you to see things clearly without compromising your vision. Some people prefer a recessed lighting fixture, which will enable you to dial-up or down your light depending on your need.


Pendant Lightssource: kaodim.sg

Pendant lights are just like their namesakes. They look like pendants on a necklace. But in this case, they hang to highlight your ceiling or corner beautifully. It also allows you to remove some bedside lighting, especially if you have too much on your table already. And if you want to accentuate a specific type of furniture – a vanity or a cabinet – you can hang a pendant or two over it.


Lamp Lightsource: hgtv.com

The table lamp functions as accent lighting. But it is also helpful in a lot of things. Bedside tables usually have them for easy lights-off access when you are about to sleep. If it is on a dresser and you are looking for something, you can turn it on without fumbling for the general light switch. And if you need an additional reading light, you can easily reach and control it from wherever you are in your room. The lighting possibilities are endless.

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Wall sconces

Wall sconcessource: home-designing.com

Sometimes, the light from a regular bulb does not reach certain parts of your bed. That will be a problem if you are a bed-reader. Sconces are also lamps that help you read without any difficulties. Like the table lamp, it is also easy to reach if you are already on your bed. The difference is that these are plastered on the walls for easier access.

All sconces are decorative by nature. They are pleasant to look at because it seems like they are hanging just beside your bed or vanity. These fixtures act as a shield so that the light does not hit your eyes directly. It gives a warm and cosy feeling, making it the perfect light just before you take that much-needed snooze.Visit The Architecture Designs for more Home Decoration tips.

Faeture Imagesource: home-designing.com

Lights and bulbs play an important role in ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep. The layering and the colours of your lighting schemes directly affect your sleep hormones (or melatonin). So, you should have a good mix of both white and warm lighting so that you have what you need to keep you awake or asleep.

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