What Are The Different Types Of Exterior Lighting?
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On July 18, 2022

Lighting up your home exterior is one of the easiest ways to make it welcoming to your visitors. You can use lights to set the mood in your premises. Outdoor or exterior lighting makes your home more accessible at night and secure.

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Here we discuss some top-quality outdoor lighting types you should consider when decorating your home with lights.

1 – Canopy lighting 

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Canopy lighting is one of the most common types of lighting today. This type of lighting has been designed for installation on the underside of the outdoor canopies. The fixture is rated for exterior locations since most are installed outdoors. This type of lighting should resist vibration because it is used in most high-traffic locations in residential and commercial premises.

You will find canopy lights in drive-through banks, gas stations, and restaurants. They are also popular in car parking spaces. You should consider mounting area, height, and beam shape when shopping for canopy lighting.

2 – Spotlights

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Spotlight is a general term that describes all lights that point in one direction. Spotlights become a type of light when used in a specific way. For instance, if you point the spotlight upwards on a wall, it becomes an uplight used to create a shadow effect.

Spotlights come in different brightness and can be arranged depending on the distance and area they cover. You can use this type of lighting to illuminate walls, plants, statues, and anything else it points at.

3 – Floodlights

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Floodlight is a unique type of lighting you can use for your exterior. These lights come with an adjustable base, allowing the beam to be projected onto an object of interest or a specific building. Floodlights are also used in stadiums for outdoor sports because they can allow maximum lights for field visibility at night.  

In factories, they illuminate areas where machinery is in constant movement. Floodlights are unique for their potent lighting output, beam shape, and ability to cover a large area. However, they come in different versions and use different applications and concepts.

4 – Linear lighting 


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Linear lighting is another type of exterior lighting you can use to illuminate your home. This type of lighting is normally characterized by narrow and elongated construction, as the name implies. It is commonly used in parking areas. 

They have an airtight construction that protects them from insects and moisture. This type of lighting shares the same concept as canopy lighting.

The LED versions of linear lighting use tube-shaped lamps, while the fluorescent ones use tubular lamps. There are different types of linear lighting. Some have LED fixtures being integral. That is, instead of using tubes, they have a light engine with an optimally spaced LED array.

5 – Garden lights 


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Garden lights allow you to showcase your beautiful backyards and the rest of your home compound at night. They are beautiful lighting for your home exterior. You can use them to bring beauty to life in the pathways, backyard, and large trees. 

These types of lights go downwards and slightly out. When you use garden lights in your home exterior, everyone will see the plants instead of the bulbs.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of outdoor lights you can use to decorate your home exterior. When shopping for exterior lighting, you can consider these five types of lighting.

Lastly, you should always remember to hire a lighting company to install outdoor light in your premises, set the holiday mood, and beep security.

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