Ideas And Mistakes To Avoid In HDB Interior Design
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On November 30, 2021

If you are a homeowner and planning to renovate or design your home, the last thing that you would want is to sit flabbergasted about some mistake in your HDB interior design somewhere 6 months down the road. Such a situation not only causes you stress and concern but can change the design that you had in mind in the first place or cost you too much if you wish to correct it. One mistake can even lead to several other problems in the interior design and therefore, all effort should be made so that one doesn’t fall into such a situation.

The logical option in such a case is to make a solid plan from the start. If you hire a professional interior designer, they can help you plan and execute from start to finish. They excel in transforming your interior design dreams into reality. However, there are still several common HDB interior design mistakes that you can avoid so that they don’t cause any problems in the future. These different mistakes to avoid are discussed below.

A minimalistic Scandinavian HDB interior design by AC Vision

Not Using The Right Lighting


Choosing the wrong types of lighting for your home can do disasters for the overall interior design. On the contrary, choosing the right type of lighting can immediately create a wow factor for an otherwise typical room. The type of lighting also tells your brain and body whether it should be more relaxed or more attentive. 

The lighting needs to be chosen according to the room where it is installed, what its purpose is, and what the overall theme of the room is. For example, for a bedroom, you would want a warm and cosy feel, therefore you would like to keep the lights warm, dim, indirect, and recessed. Warm lighting also suits well in the living room and drawing room. In areas where you want focus and attention, you should opt for cool lighting like the study, kitchen, and office. Where you want direct focus on an element in the room, choose direct or track lighting for that. This helps to bring about a character in a room with all the right aspects and elements illuminated in the perfect way.

Not Planning For Enough Storage Space In The House

HDB Interior

One of the worst things you can do for yourself is not to allocate enough storage space in the house. No matter how much you keep things minimal, you are bound to be left with some stuff that needs to be kept in storage for use some time later. This is especially true for the kitchen where you might be tempted to create a minimalistic kitchen with open shelves. But don’t fall into this temptation! 

Such a kitchen may appear exquisite and elegant but it is not functional. The open shelves won’t store as much stuff as a traditional cabinet and all the items in the open shelf will gather dust and grease over time. You can opt for different types of hidden storage in the kitchen and other areas of the house, but do not miss on allocating enough storage space at any cost. Even though in an HDB you are a bit short on space, still try to allocate enough storage space.

Not Making Space For Enough Electrical Sockets

HDB Interior

How many times have you encountered the situation where you want to connect your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or other important electrical devices but fail to find enough electrical sockets within your vicinity? Plan to include enough electrical sockets so that you do not have to go through this ordeal of waiting for your turn to charge your device!

Using Wood In High Moisture And Humidity Areas

HDB Interior

Choosing the right kinds of materials for various elements of the house is also very important. For example, in the humid climate of Singapore, you would want to avoid choosing a material that gets damaged with moisture and humidity. One such material is solid wood for the floors and other carpentry. In high moisture areas, wood does not stay the same and can get damaged very quickly. Similarly, marble is not a good option for kitchen and bathroom counters. The porous nature of marble makes it highly prone to stains and damage from moisture, water, and other liquids. So it is always a good idea to choose the right material from the start instead of having to spend lots more for its maintenance later. 

These are just some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in your HDB interior design if you do not wish to spend lots of time, money, and effort in undoing the damage that these mistakes have done.

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