5+ Home Cleaning Way with Leaf Blower
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On April 25, 2020

The name ‘leaf blower’ is often misleading. It compels us to think that a leaf blower is made to blow away all those fallen leaves only. But, a gas leaf blower or electric leaf blowers do way more than this.

Yes, in my home, I only use my leaf blower to collect leaves for only about two months of the continuing year and the rest of the ten-month…

Can you guess?

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Yes, I use my leaf blower for some other essential cleaning purposes. And today, I am going to describe a 5+ home cleaning way with the leaf blower from my inventory.

So, are you ready for this exciting cleaning tour?

5+ Home Cleaning Way with Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is one of the most versatile and powerful cleaning tools ever made in the industry. Since most leaf blowers will be cordless, you can perform some unthinkable cleaning jobs with this unique device.

Vacuum Filter Cleaning

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A vacuum filter is a stock item in most homes. However, over time it gets dirty and needs proficient cleaning for its long-lasting performance. Earlier I used to clean it using my air hose nozzle. I would hold the vacuum filter at just a short distance, precisely at my arms’ length, and started the air hose nozzle. I would do it in a windy area, hoping that the dirt would go down to me.

But believe me, it happened the opposite, every time. The dirt put me in a state of a dustbin. But things changed quickly when I started using the leaf blower. It didn’t only remove the dust from the vacuum filter but also left me cleaner than ever. You may give it a try.

Flawless Car Wash

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We all want to see our car in the most tiptop state. And it’s incredibly valid given the fact that a car is so closely connected with us and we can’t let it go dirty. But, did you know that with a leaf blower, your vehicle can become spot-free within minutes?

Yes, it’s not a daydream. We often swab our favorite car on weekends at home or take it to a nearby car washing agency for thorough rinsing. It leaves our car, free from dirt and grime. But, you can make your car spot-free with a blow-dry. You just need to use your leaf blower to dry your car after thorough rinsing. Believe me, you will be surprised to see the result. You will feel like your car has just come from the shop. Besides, the dry blowing is easy and fast.

Blasting the Soffits

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Once in a while, or, at least once in a couple of months, we use blowers or other cleaning tools to blast soffits at home. This permits us to get away from all those disturbing and ugly looking cobwebs and make our house feel good. However, you can take your cobweb cleaning to the next level with a leaf blower and one unique task. The aluminum soffits gather a lot of dust in its perforation, and also, for plywood soffits, soot tends to accumulate around the rectangular screens.

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Whatever may the soffit type, with a leaf blower, you can quickly get rid of the specs of dust. This will ardently ensure a free flow of air through the attic, providing you healthier breathability inside the home. Also, it prevents ice dams from getting trapped at home during winter. Using a leaf blower will help you to get rid of these issues.

Removing Light Snow

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When the winter advances, light snow or snowflakes start to fall off from the sky. I must admit that the scene of feather-like snow falling looks eye soothing. But this good feeling may soon turn upside down when you see your yard and car totally covered with ice and looking like a snowball.

You would want to get rid of those snows promptly, right? You can use a brilliant quality leaf blower to remove the snow covering from the car or yard. The sheer power of the blower incorporates the air strength to wipe out those snow. So, when you are applying the leaf blower for snow removal?

Blasting The Gutters

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Gutters at home receive more gunk than anything else. Consequently, the trench tends to get blocked sooner or later. Thus, your home becomes stinky.

You can blast through the dirt and gunk from the gutter with a leaf blower. For this purpose, you will need to attach a simple blower extension with the device. Once you setup the extension with the leaf blower, just connect with the one end of the gutter and blow away every spec of dust. What’s more, installing the extension with the leaf blower is straightforward, and so, you shouldn’t feel stress.

Fire Bellows

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It’s winter closing in, and you may be in dire need to start the electric fire bellows. But it needs a colossal oxygen supply to kick-off for the 1st time. Where do you get that oxygen? Of course, you won’t be inviting the nearest hospital for oxygen supply. So, what do you do? Just bring on your electric or gas leaf blower and give a massive shot to the fire bellows with the fan. You will soon fire in the bellow.

Note: Stay at a distance so that the nozzle doesn’t get burnt.

Tips for Using Leaf Blower Safely

I admit that the leaf blower is a brilliant cleaning device. But the blower can cause you injuries if you don’t use it with safety.

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  • Always protect your ears with hearing protection. It is essential since the leaf blower will produce a lot of noise when you work with it.
  • A leaf blower will often kick off dust and dirt. So, protect your eyes with a goggle.
  • If you are using a gas blower, cool it down before refueling.


So, we are at the end. I have described some of the most creative and unimaginable home cleaning ways with the leaf blower. I hope, next time you see your leaf blower, you can turn it on and get into some severe cleaning jobs at The Architecture Designs. And if you have any other cleaning idea with the blower, don’t forget to share it with us.

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