Why You Should Install Your Own Home Security System
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On June 2, 2020

You don’t need to have an engineering degree to get things done around your home. From cleaning and gardening to installing your own security system, you can do it all. The reason most people don’t choose to self-install is that it’s perceived as too difficult. That really isn’t the case.

100% Your Choice

Home Security System

source: alliedfireandsecurity.com

When you’re the sole decision-maker, you get to choose exactly what equipment to install. Often if you employ a professional to put the items in, they may dictate what to use. Without them, you get to make all the choices.

There are so many options to go for when it comes to vivint home security. Some are more difficult than others to install. However, the team at Alarm Grid (for wireless home security systems) suggests that these types of devices are easy to program and are perfect for DIY users.

The Cost

Home Security System

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This is a no-brainer. Security companies make a lot of money on installation fees. The price can be in the thousands. However, there’s no reason why you have to pay someone for something you can do yourself.

It’s not rocket science if you go it alone. When the instruction manual is unclear, there are hundreds of YouTube videos available to guide you step-by-step through the process.

Set Your Own Time

Home Security System

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One of the most frustrating things about hiring tradespeople is waiting, and waiting, and waiting for them to show up. It appears to be an industry standard that these professionals are never on time, and you have to give up so much unproductive time while at their mercy. People in the UK complain that they waste 2 weeks of their life waiting for these people. 

Being a DIY installer, you can put the system in at a time that works for you. You can do it in one stage, or as many as you need — autonomy, at your control. Reclaim your lost hours by doing it on your terms.

Upskill Yourself

Home Security System

source: safewise.com

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Once you’ve installed your first security system, you’ll almost be an expert. You can put this new-found knowledge to good use.

There may be others in the neighborhood who aren’t as handy as you and need their own system put in. You may even be able to create a second business out of this. 

Let your employer know this is now something you’re good at. It may open doors at work that you didn’t even know existed.

System Updates and Moves

What’s the leading reason security companies want to send out their own installers? So that you “need” them when updates happen. Often they may not hand over the system’s Installer Code to you, which means only they can make changes.

If you’ve installed everything yourself, you control all the codes and accesses. System updates should be something that you can enable on your own, without relying on the security company to take even more money from you.

Home Security System

source: onguardsecurity.net

Moving house is something most people do a few times in their life. If you’ve been the one to put the alarm system in, then it makes sense that you can remove it and install it again in your new premises. Once more, avoiding unnecessary costs and time-wasting.

You’ll Be Glad You Did

There are some excellent reasons to install your own security system. Firstly, you get to make complete decisions about what you’re putting in, not what the seller wants you to use. 

Time and money are two things we don’t have enough of, and you’ll save both of these if you choose to do it yourself. You’ll learn some new skills which may become useful down the track at The Architecture Designs.

Finally, you’ll be able to make any changes to the system or do a complete house move, without needing to rely on professionals. So what are you waiting for?

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