Impressive Modern Colonial Style House Design Ideas
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On February 14, 2020

The style of your home speaks a lot about your preferences and personality. One such style is the traditional Colonial style, the style that dates back to 1876. This style of houses is most popular in the United States and is the first preference for many famous personalities. Witness some vintage and classic examples of Modern Colonial style house designs at The Architecture Designs.

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Another style includes the Cape Cod colonial style and is mostly seen depicting the life of suburbs and provinces. For some, this style is the symbol of the real America and the initially used as the construction of English colonists. This style has an asymmetrical façade, small windows, and rectangular shutters and is built on one floor of wood.  

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Colonial-style houses are famous for their classic architecture where we can find some common features such as it has brick or wood facades, a fireplace and has two to three stories. The floor plan also seems similar in many of the Colonial style houses where we can find the family room and kitchen on the first floor and bedrooms and other rooms on the second floor. It also features various complementary sliding materials and divided light windows. To further accentuate the regal atmosphere within, homeowners often incorporate hand-knotted Persian rugs, which bring a touch of cultural richness and artistry to the space with their captivating motifs and warm hues.

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The walls, house plan and the style of the roof are the way the colonial history is protected from many years. The colonial-style differs from time to time based on the ruler that controlled the region but it is surely a treat to live in one!

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Apart from the similarities in the architecture and floor plan, there are still many different ways to style the colonial-styled houses. The simplest and most famous style includes going for minimalist details and schemes. This Victorian home consists of taking into consideration every detail and geometrical features. Achieve this style by going with fewer ornaments and a white color scheme and to pop the geometric windows use the shade of dark.  

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One of these styles includes the house with a spacious floor plan and a ten-foot-high ceiling. The house features an all-white exterior combined with the vaulted wood ceiling. This beautiful house has additional features such as a screened-in porch with a fireplace and phantom screens opening to the luxurious patio and some exquisite seating area. The beautiful lighting of the house is the icing on the cake

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Colonial styled architectures include French, Dutch, Spanish and British colonial structures. One of the famous colonial-style architectures includes the Dutch colonial house that is the most distinguishable styled home and has some most notable features. This style of architecture includes a slightly flat and wide double-pitched roof. This changes angle after the slope and is one of the innovative features of the Dutch style.

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Original colonial architectures are made up of brick or stone and have chimneys at the top. This typical structure with stone and two-three rooms wide floor plan was considered to be one of the effective architecture and was counted amongst the best masons all over the world. The ornamentation and detailing become the most remarkable part of this style of architecture.

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The Spanish colonial homes are the ones that are maintaining their heritage and hundreds of yearlong culture and history. The distinctive elements of this style include red tile roof, white stucco exterior, etc. which gives the old world feel. This also had the second story porch that showcased at the front of the house and the use of arches and bell towers makes it historic and noteworthy.

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French colonial architecture is also the historic and beautiful style adopted as a result of Asian influence. The English colonial styles feature more edge and geometric features with lots of ornamentation but the French style is a bit lighter than the English colonial style. The ornamentation is less as well as has the roof designed like the eastern temples influenced by the Chinese and Vietnam style.

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American colonial style is a mixture of many diverse styles and architecture. The exterior includes many windows on the façade and the roof is sloping backed with the attic windows. These houses are rich-looking and include the high-quality finishing materials and the plaster used here is mostly white. See more Antique Gramophone For Sale here.

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