Top 7 Interior Decorating Secrets Only Professionals Know 
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On November 8, 2021

Whether it’s a gallery wall you can’t figure out, or you’re afraid to use bold paint color, here come the experts. Even if you don’t know how to go about getting cheap HVAC service from companies such as Blue National Hvac, this article uncovers top nterior decorating secrets and design tips only professionals know.

But first, 

What makes decor professionals ‘professional’?

Decor professionals are experimental with approaches, and that’s the reason they are professionals. They have decor secrets tried and found to be true. Although they tend to hold onto them, they hardly do so when probed during interviews.

We’ve read enough interviews to be familiar with some of the design tips we listed below. Aside from that, we are professionals ourselves. We’ve compared the design tweaks and decor hacks of several professionals in interior decoration. The result is this article.

The difference between a professional decor designer and a beginner is experience. A design expert can get the most complicated decor designs done in a few steps. The hack is a function of several tested and trusted design experiments.

A simple design tip and decor hack is all you need

Interior Decorating Secrets


It’s not just about buying design furniture, watching guides and videos on design arrangements, and reading blogs and trends. Sometimes, a simple trick from a professional is all you need to unlock your creativity. Here are seven top interior decorating secrets only professionals will tell you:

Consistency in the color palette

The common misconception about colors leans towards the negativity of color diversity. Most designers think that when they mix different colors, the outcome becomes too busy to be considered adequate. Experts believe this isn’t true. You can mix colors within your chosen palette as long as it works great. But it’d help if you were consistent with it.

Mapping gallery wall

You probably find a gallery for your wall. Experts don’t do theirs this way. They first map out where they want the gallery to be and what they want in them. They do this by creating templates out of cardboard. Then they mark what they want in them by labeling the ideal pictorial and artistic imagination.

Wallpaper your bedroom

Interior Decorating Secrets


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Do this boldly, with your chest out. By ‘boldly’, we mean ‘use bold colors’. If you can also make it bold and busy, that’s no problem. Whatever the decision, know that wallpapers make small rooms appear bigger than how they look.

Use large art for spaces

If your living room is small, you can use mirrors to create more space. If not, you should use large art. Design is always a function of view and perception. Large art will do the trick for you. This interior decorating secret is often negligible.

Pin your bed skirts

Use upholstery pins on your bed skirts if they prove too stubborn to stay orderly. Use box springs and pins for a more precise result. This decor idea is golden.

Powder Coatings in the bedroom

Apply powder coatings to your bedroom fixtures. You can customize your powder coat, blend it with your favorite color. It makes for more fun and colors!

Mix patterns as you want

Interior Decorating Secrets


Why fear the art of multiple pattern mixing? You can mix patterns as much as you want as long as you’re getting the right results. The trick is to contrast patterns and make them look like they are in an argument, whereas they are in a healthy relationship.


These design tricks are expert-approved, and they move from everything color-making and art-making to the process and arrangement of making a small room appear bigger than it is. While interior decorating secrets and tricks are not absolute, these are worth the try.