Creative Interior Design Inspirations For Small Homes
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On November 8, 2021

Interior designing is an exciting phase for any homeowner whether it is for their new home or during renovation. This is the phase that any one can dream of: you get to design your home according to your requirements and preferences! However, once you delve into the actual design process, you might come to know that this is not as easy as it looks, especially if you are not properly prepared or if you have not carried out the required research. 

For interior design, you must choose a professional interior designer who will be able to translate your ideas and dreams into reality. Space Factor is a leading interior design solution provider in Singapore who excel in the task of meeting the clients’ expectations in the most wonderful ways. But even with an interior designer, you should have a basic idea of what you want and what inspires you.

Resort-Style Interior Design By Space Factor

Interior Design Inspirations For Small Homes


Here, we will give you some essential tips, tricks, and inspirations for Singapore interior design which you can incorporate into your own interior design. 

Traditional Home Decor Inspiration

When thinking about interior design inspiration, you can never go wrong with a traditional design theme. This kind of design is inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries and features timeless style in the form of classic art, antiques, and pieces from history. 

Traditional design creates a calm and orderly space in which furnishings match, there is symmetry, and everything seems to go well with each other. Traditional design features dark and warm tones such as red and brown. There are a lot of dark wooden elements which can be made to look out by adding art and textile items. The traditional furniture features heavy, ornate pieces with intricately carved wood and tufted upholstery. This makes the whole appearance of a room fit for royalty.

Modern Home Decor Inspiration

Interior Design Inspirations For Small Homes


If the traditional design theme is not for you, then you might be interested in giving a modern twist to your home. Modern home design can incorporate several elements and ideas but the main trick to give a modern look to any home is to use dramatic color contrast. 

Try to pair two elements by giving one a very light and pastel color and the other element a bright and dramatic shade. Imagine a pastel sofa with a bright neon cushion to go with it. Modern design typically features very few patterns and prints; they are only used to create a dramatic contrast with the otherwise simple and plain elements. 

Retro Home Decor inspiration

Retro decor is different from traditional interior design in that where traditional design boasts royalty and grandeur, retro is about adding some design elements from the 80s and 90s into an otherwise modern home. This creates a beautiful retro effect which is unique and appealing. 

This can include adding old black and white photos on one wall of a room to create a nostalgic effect. Adding decor items in the form of old audio cassettes, video cassettes, radio, VCR, and record player. You can also add the old televisions from the 60s and 70s to add a touch of old to uplift this appearance. 

Minimalism At Its Best

Interior Design Inspirations For Small Homes


Minimalist interior design, as the name suggests, is to have minimum elements in a room with any thing being as far away from excess as possible. In this design, the elements do not “blend” with each rather, rather they create a contrast by each element having its own standalone identity in light pastel colors and palettes. 

Minimalistic design often features experimenting with glass, aluminum, and steel with solid colored elements and very less texture. Decluttering and using as little as possible is the main idea in this design and this creates a beautiful harmony and wide, open space in any room. 

Seek Inspiration From Portfolios

Interior Design Inspirations For Small Homes


If you don’t like any of the above-mentioned ideas, try to seek inspiration from the thousands of portfolios from the internet and home decor magazines. You will be able to get tons of ideas from them and then you can choose the ones which best suit your preferences. 

Space Factor also features its different portfolios which can serve as an inspiration to you in so many ways. You do not need to follow a particular portfolio or theme completely; you can simply take ideas from them, mix and match different styles, and come up with a design theme that has its own character based on your personality and preferences.