EMKE LED Mirror For Your Bathroom
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On March 25, 2022


Renovating your house? Or just slightly changing the designs here and there? Having an EMKE LED mirror might be the right choice for you to place in your bathroom for an aesthetic and simple look.

Square Mirror


EMKE LM13 bathroom mirror:

This magnifying glass is perfect for any task that requires careful inspection and application. It provides detailed close-ups, whether you’re applying makeup, brushing your hair, or shaving. Also, it saves energy when you’re not using it.

This 5mm thick rectangular bathroom mirror provides the perfect magnification you’ve been dreaming of. In addition, this illuminated vanity mirror is available in various sizes and can be mounted vertically and horizontally on the wall as required.

This bathroom mirror is very elegant and meets your actual needs. Features include fogging effects for clear previews, a three-color lighting contrast to suit your mood, a Bluetooth speaker app for playing your favorite music and tracking work-related calls, and a digital clock. There is also a model that tracks time.

This modern bathroom mirror with built-in LED lighting offers a copper-free silver mirror with high-quality edging and better wear resistance. This makes it an ideal safe and environmentally friendly solution. The mirror is equipped with a 2835 LED backlight for optimal illumination. The edges are also sealed with a composite cover that complements the mirror’s white aluminum frame for an elegant and luxurious look. Additionally, the mirror has an IP44 rating to prevent water damage.

The mirror is easy to operate, has different switch options depending on the model, and can be a wall switch, a touch switch, or a push-button to suit your needs. These bathroom mirrors are durable, energy-efficient, and protect you from cuts even in the perfect vanity setting. With a proven life of 50,000 hours, they are designed to make a lasting impression.

NLM03 LED Bathroom Mirror:


It is equipped with three types of switches: wall switch, touch switch, and push-button switch, and can be directly connected to an easy-to-install wall switch to meet various needs. Enhance your quality of life and comfort with a multifunctional bathroom mirror with a clock, Bluetooth, and anti-fog. The color and brightness of the light can be adjusted according to your needs, saving energy and protecting the environment.

It has a width of 80cm to 120cm and a height of 60cm, which means it is a huge mirror. Since it is wall-mounted, it enhances the sense of space in the bathroom. Detailed instructions are included to easily assemble and adjust your bathroom mirror according to the instructions.

EMKE LM14 Mirror:


These mirrors come in different sizes, from small to large, to suit your needs. Different models of bathroom mirrors can be hung either horizontally or vertically. Decorate your bathroom with ultra-thin frames, simple top and bottom lighting, and low-power LED lighting. It is a multifunctional mirror with an anti-fog function, electronic clock function, power-off memory function, LM14DTDMZ, and LM14CTDMZ with zoom function.

It also comes with detailed steps and all the necessary accessories for quick and easy wall assembly and disassembly. The inner and outer packaging is made of reinforced impact-resistant materials. Professional logistics ensure mirrors’ safe and efficient delivery, while professional customer service makes your purchase safer.

Round Mirror


EMKE OLM06 oval LED bathroom mirror:

It is an oval side wall mirror, 90cm wide, 60cm high, and 3cm thick, hanging on the side. Suitable for medium to large bathrooms. Touch light allows you to adjust the color and brightness of the mirror light. The OLM06FKD has an anti-fog function, which can be controlled with the touch of a switch. The mirror is polished and polished, all edges are carefully treated, and the shape is a modern design.

Polish the mirror to the desired smoothness and gloss. With a very beautiful bathroom mirror and modern design, it is suitable for every decorating style and enhances the quality and elegance of your home. Each mirror is purchased in rigid packaging to ensure the safe shipping of the mirror.

OLM01 Round bathroom mirror:


This LED Round Mirror is an energy-efficient LED light that provides more illumination with a choice of monochromatic (cool white) or 3-color dimmable (cold white and warm white) light with a lifespan of 50,000 hours and improved energy efficiency. These are high-quality copper and lead-free mirrors, high-quality edging, rust-resistant aluminum frame, longer durability, waterproof rating (IP44), better corrosion resistance, and higher reflectivity than traditional silver mirrors. They have a memory function when the state is called.

The next time you turn it on, the LED bathroom mirror remembers and displays the most recently set lighting. The touch button is located in the middle of the bathroom mirror and is blue when closed and white when open, making it easy to open and close. This is a beautiful bathroom mirror with a 3cm wide matte edge to decorate bathrooms, rooms, living rooms, and other walls.

EMKE OLM04 Round Bathroom Mirror:

The OLM04 bathroom mirror set comes with an adjustable length black strap to adjust the hanging height according to your needs. The decorative strap is made of synthetic leather for durability and longevity. You can also remove the trim if you wish.

The OLM04 Mirror series is available in four sizes: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, and 80cm to meet the needs of bathroom mirrors of different sizes.


The built-in light can be turned on and off with a light touch of the mirror, and with no built-in sensor for a visible switch, the bulb is on standby and ready to respond to touch. You can also use the wall switch to turn the LED light mirror on and off. If you use a wall switch to turn on/off the LED light, you need to turn on the touch switch.

All OLM04 bathroom mirrors have an on/off memory function, allowing you to adjust settings at the touch of a button and save the last setting as desired. You can choose between cool white light (6500K) and 3. bright colors. Models (3000/4000/6500K).


These were EMKE LED mirrors you can install in your bathrooms for an aesthetic and elegant look. The main shapes, i.e., square and round, have their different types with various specifications. 

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