Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Toilet for Small Bathroom
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On April 16, 2021

The owners of compact bathrooms usually find it challenging to choose a toilet. The amount of options is slightly limited compared to the solutions for standard and big spaces. However, you can still choose the perfect product among the best toilets for small bathrooms. The main secret is to know what to look for.

Top-5 Considerations Before Buying a Toilet

A toilet must answer your demands and match the style of the bathroom in general. The best option will stay at your house for years without the need to replace it. Pay attention to the features you may need the most in a bathroom.

Size of your bathroom

toilets for small bathrooms


Small bathrooms do not always have the same sizes. Moreover, one toilet may not suit two similar small bathrooms. Even a tiny room can have different dimensions. With the limited amount of space, you have to double-check all the measurements in advance. Even if the room has enough length, you must think about its width and height. Keep in mind that you may still require to return an oversized toilet.

Pay attention to the rough-in size before you buy any item. Rough-in size is the length of the toilet from its center to the wall. If you order the device online, there should be all the measurements revealed. Don’t forget about the tank above the bowl; you have to provide it with extra space.

The shape of the bowl can be a life-saver in many cases. You can pick either a round or elongated toilet model. An elongated bowl is considered to be on-demand among the owners of small bathrooms. It helps to save space around the toilet.

Water consumption

toilets for small bathrooms


While not everyone thinks about the carbon imprint, wasting the water can cause you the loss of money you could avoid. You waste the water that is precious in some countries, and you lose your monthly salary for it. Modern toilets are made to save your earnings and ecology.

You may notice that older models with big tanks and slow flush waste too much water. Therefore, pay attention to how much water each model of the toilet requires. The measurements are available under any toilet review, described in gallons per flush. Old toilets used to consume 3.5 gallons per flush, and you may still see it in models older than 1994. Nowadays, you may find 1.6 gallons per flush option. Manufacturers constantly improve their low-flow toilets to help you find the best results.

Check out whether there is enough power in flush. If the flush is too weak, you will have to repeat the procedure two times, which is no better than it was before. Usually, manufacturers warn the customers about the power of the flush. Some of them even came up with unique technology that allows you to save water and clean the toilet without wasting water resources. If you are interested in conserving the water, you will need a toilet with dual flush technology. One of the buttons on the top of the tank uses only 0.08 gallons of water while pushing both buttons at once releases 1.6 gallons. Usually, you don’t need to flush the wastes all the time, and 0.08 gallons may be enough for numerous cases.

Simplicity of cleaning

toilets for small bathrooms


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If you want to buy a toilet that will stand in your bathroom for ages, you need to make sure that it is simple to clean. There are numerous antibacterial surface covers offered by various manufacturers. No matter which one you choose, the surface of the bowl must be sleek, smooth, and easy to clean. Wastes must not stick to its walls. Pay attention to whether the toilet has a unique surface finish protected from bacteria and mold.

The perfect height

You need to have enough space in your bathroom for the toilet so that you can easily sit on and stand from it. If you have children or disabled people in the house, think about the convenient height models. The height is usually the second thing you need to pay attention to after the model’s dimensions. The height of the seat must be neither too high nor too low for anyone. The standard height of the toilet may be lower than you need. The comfort height is the length of the standard chair.

After you take care of the bowl height, think about whether you want the seat to be heated or not. If you live with kids or elderly people, they may ask for a heated seat. There is a low voltage heating system inside of it that keeps the seat warm. Also, there is a thermostatic control in some models.

Style of the toilet

toilets for small bathrooms


The toilet is the first thing you attend in the morning and usually the last thing you deal with before sleep. Apart from its efficiency, the style also matters. It must not be ugly or unsuitable for the whole interior of the bathroom. Don’t rush with choosing the standard model that fits into the limited space of your room. You can consider different colors, materials, and shapes.

Nowadays, the colors of the toilets significantly vary. You can even find a blue or green toilet in the store. There are black toilets that fit the futuristic design of the bathroom. Pair the color of the toilet with the color of the walls and check whether they match.

Toilet Types to Consider

Before you choose one of the toilets in your bathroom, learn your options. Even toilets for small bathrooms are capable of amazing you with a wide range of models. There are several types that are currently on-demand in the US:

  • Two-piece toilets. These models are classic. They feature separate tanks and bowls. If you need to squeeze the toilet into a tight space, you may consider this option, as you can adjust the height you need. The bolts and the water inlet hole fasten the tank and bowl together.
  • One-piece toilets. They are also classic models and offer a solid structure, with the bowl and tank as one piece. Usually, they are more expensive than two-piece options but easier to clean and take care of.

Choosing a Suitable Toilet

toilets for small bathrooms


A small bathroom does not mean a poor amount of choices. On the contrary, you can express your creative side by choosing a unique model with a powerful flush system and the numerous features you like. Before you go for a heated seat or antibacterial surface cover, make sure you choose the proper size. Using a toilet, you have to sit with ease and stand up easily as well. The legs of the device must not be pressed to the wall, and you need to have some free space for maneuvers.

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