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On December 14, 2021

Homeowners in Loganville, Georgia, base their comfortability in their homes in the sweltering summer weather on the household air conditioning system. Suppose the unit is on the fritz as age begins to take its toll. In that case, it can prove unsafe for numerous reasons, primarily considering exposure to extreme temperatures and poor air quality from a malfunctioning system.

A reputable air conditioning repair service, learn more here, will service a system probably twice each year. When combined with proper homeowner care, the suggestion is that this kind of maintenance will extend the lifespan of AC with the expectation of perhaps a 20-year run.  However, when nearing this age, the aches and pains of age will start to appear with the need for more repairs and servicing, letting you know at The Architecture Designs it is getting close to the time for a replacement. But how do you know when to take that step?

Tips To Know It is Time to Replace an Old HVAC System

Local AC Repair in Loganville Georgia

When an air conditioning system begins to act up with a frequent need for repairs and servicing, the first thing to consider is the age of the unit. For air conditioners that receive adequate homeowner care along with preventative maintenance tune-ups from reliable service providers, these can endure a substantial lifespan, up to as long as 20 years+. That does not mean they will not begin to have problems sooner than that. When age starts to catch up to the equipment, parts will wear out, and repairs will become more frequent and costly. 

That is when you need to ask yourself if it is cost-effective to continue repairing the defect or when exactly is the right time to go ahead with the replacement? Here are some tips to let you know, now is the time to make that switch.

The system is well over ten years old.

On average, a well-cared-for AC unit will endure for roughly 20 years. That does not mean you should wait that long or past that point to replace the equipment. As age begins to creep up on the system, there will be less efficiency usually starting around the age of ten. That is the recommended time to switch to something with more energy savings. Otherwise, you will notice wear and tear with more need to make costly repairs.

The unit shuts down.

Local AC Repair in Loganville Georgia

If the motor fails or the compressor or heat exchanger needs replacing, the cost can range in thousands of dollars considering labor fees and materials. Making this significant of a repair is not cost-effective. It is more beneficial to buy brand new and efficient equipment.

The comfortability is off in the household.

If some of the rooms are cooling, but others are stifling, or if the temperature is off in the entire house with none getting warm enough or cool enough, the unit installed with the house could be the wrong size, or it might have been installed incorrectly. 

When the airflow is hindered, comfortability and air quality can be poor, leading to unhealthy conditions. So, it might be beneficial for your health to take an occasional air conditioning break

 It is wise to have an AC professional inspect, but in any case, you will likely need the right type put in place. The expert will determine the correct model and ensure it is installed correctly.

Noises are coming from the unit.

Local AC Repair in Loganville Georgia

When noises are coming from the air conditioning, a service provider will determine if these are fixable issues or whether you need to replace your equipment. The suggestion for significantly loud sounds is its potential to be the “indoor coil” for the unit. A professional can help you make the best decision.

Final Thought

All HVAC systems for homeowners in Loganville, Georgia, will provide efficiency and extended lifespans when they receive adequate care from homeowners in addition to preventative servicing at least once each year, preferably twice. 

The further a unit goes beyond the age of ten, the more often you will need to reach out to the AC repair tech wear and tear begins to take over despite adequate maintenance. 

Instead of paying for frequent repairs, it is more cost-effective to invest in an energy-efficient modern system that decreases utility bills. Suppose you are having trouble deciding whether to repair or replace; you will need to reach out to your air conditioning repair provider. The professional can help you make an educated decision.

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