How to Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture
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On October 7, 2022

People are spending more time at home these days. With winter on the way, you might increase the hours you spend gazing at your home’s interior even more. Why not make it a work of art?

You probably know that a farmhouse-style rocking chair will clash in a room decked out in industrial decor. Too much contrast can overwhelm you with visual stimuli, making you feel anxious and ill at ease.

Part of harmonizing your environment entails ensuring everything coordinates. Here’s how to match your wall decor with your furniture.

1. Incorporate Artwork

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


When you think of coordinating your artwork with your wall decor, your mind probably turns to paint. “Great,” you might think, “Isn’t this magical? I lease, and I am not about to have the home improvement discussion with my landlord at a time when they’re looking for any excuse to raise my rent.”

The great thing about having standard, white walls is that you do not have to stress about matching your furniture to the existing paint color. This leaves you with more freedom when it comes to picking out the accents and decor in your living space.

For example, multiple paintings with similar lines and color schemes can mask otherwise bland, boring walls. Adding a few decorative throw pillows in matching hues and styles unifies your visual field. You can also balance these accents – think a red couch and black throw pillows paired with stunning Asian ebony line art with touches of crimson flowers peeking out from behind Chinese characters.

Whatever you choose, ensure your artwork calls to you. You might go for a blue-and-gold Van Gogh theme that’s terrific if you like “Starry Night.” However, don’t do it if you find the print disturbing – while it’s an iconic painting, some people find it stirs more anxiety than mystery.

2. Think Accent

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


Who said you had to invest in enough paint to redo your entire living room – or home? A stunning accent wall adds visual appeal without requiring tons of money or hard labor. You can finish most jobs with a single can of paint, sometimes two, if you choose a color like burgundy that’s hard to coat.

However, you should avoid darker colors that require several coats if you rent. Why? They are a nightmare to repaint when moving day comes. You’ll need several coats of heavy-duty primer, especially with crimson shades. Despite your efforts, you’ll probably still need to apply several coats to disguise the original hue.

What’s another solution? Return to your artwork or family photo collection. Take off those boring frames and remat your pictures on large frames with plenty of borders featuring the desired color.

3. Play With Texture

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


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Color contrast isn’t the only way to add visual appeal to your home and match your wall decor with your furniture. You should also consider texture. For example, a sweeping skip trowel look can enchant a Florida room and set off your beach-inspired furniture. The half-whorls are reminiscent of seashells, helping you unite your theme.

You can also use tissue paper or old rags to create a textured look. What if you prefer a more modern or industrial design? In that case, think sleek and smooth.

4. Wallpaper, Wainscot, and Borders, Oh, My

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


If you have the freedom to do as you will with your walls, you can match your decor to your furniture by using wallpaper or wainscotting. For example, imagine the traditional den – it’s typically dark with leather seating that sits perfectly against dark mahogany planking with a darker paint color above.

You can also find wallpaper that matches the patterns on fabric furniture. It’s usually best to have a little bit of contrast, perhaps adding a loveseat in a solid color to break up your visual field. Add a piece of molding to paint half the wall and then paper underneath.

However, don’t despair if you are a renter. You can find peel-and-stick borders that remove nearly as easily as Command Strips when it’s time to pack up and move.

5. Mirror, Mirror

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


Those who practice feng shui understand mirrors’ important role in decorating. When hung perpendicular to a window or entryway, they cast light around the room, dispelling shadows and creating a more open and cheerful place for energy to flow.

However, you can also use these wall fixtures strategically to pull your look together. Do you have a chair that coordinates with your accent wall on the other side of the room? Hang a mirror opposite and it will seamlessly blend in with the reflection.

6. Picture This

Match Your Wall Decor With Your Furniture


What if your furniture is a uniform brown and you have no desire for a complementary shade coating your entire wall? While this idea is the most labor-intensive, it’s also the most creative.

Consider painting a mural or having a photograph of a favorite picturesque outdoor location enlarged so it nearly fills the space. You’re sure to have touches of coordinating colors throughout, but you won’t be stuck staring at a flat burnt-sienna wall.

Go as wild as you like. For example, fantasy fans might paint a map of Middle Earth while lovers of Japan might include a blown-up print of Mt. Fuji surrounded by cherry trees in bloom to match their pink couch.

Matching Your Wall Decor to Your Furniture

If you’re like many people, you’re spending more time at home these days. Why not make your abode into a masterpiece? Follow the above tips to match your wall decor with your furniture. You can pull off a unified theme – even if you rent.

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