How Do Choice Of Materials Affect Building Design? 
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On May 19, 2021

There are thousands of materials available in building construction, whereas engineers, architects, designers, and construction specifiers need to consider several suitable materials.  

However, most people make a common mistake in the construction field using the wrong choice of materials in building design. The main reason for this could be the limited budget, as well as lack of knowledge and experience of contractors when it comes to materials handling and material choice. Thus, choosing the wrong material will only lead to financial losses. So, the importance of the choice of materials in building design must be understood by all parties involved in building construction.  

For example, in warehouses building, there are several things to consider when choosing the best materials to make a durable, long-lasting, and accessible warehouse. You can save your time and money if you build a storage unit into the warehouse, but you need to consider many factors, such as technologies used in operations, product accessibility, important warehousing operations, etc. Therefore, careful planning and choosing the best material for this project is necessary. 

Questions Before Choosing Materials  

Materials Affect Building Design


Before you choose materials for building design, you need to assess first whether or not the building can hold its promise as an investment or not. Try to answer the following questions related to choosing the right materials: 

  • Is it constructed with sufficient materials?  
  • What kinds of climatic changes can the proposed building withstand?  
  • Will it be exposed to harsh weather elements, like rain, sun, snow, and wind?  

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the best materials for your building. To elaborate further, here are the top reasons why choosing the wrong materials can affect the building design: 

Choosing The Wrong Materials Can Delay The Construction 

The architect has to plan and design the structure keeping in mind the resources available. He has to be very careful about the choice of materials used for construction. Otherwise, it would become extremely difficult to finish the construction project on time and within the deadline. In addition, the architect has to follow the local building regulations for the area in which he plans to build, or it could result in a legal issue, which would be a very difficult and long process to resolve. 

Choosing The Wrong Materials Can Affect The Visual Impact Of The Building 

Materials Affect Building Design


The construction materials influence the visual impact of the building. But, there’s a strong relationship between quality and quantity in building design. Regardless of the number of materials used in construction to give an aesthetic appeal to the building, the quality of materials shouldn’t compromise the durability of the construction. 

Choosing The Wrong Materials Can Affect The Durability Of The Construction

The essential things in a building are the construction itself, durability, and longevity. It’s often said that material selection is the key to a successful building. However, in a true sense, material selection is only one of several factors involved in building design. Other important factors, like site conditions, climate, and many others, also have vital effects on construction. 

Knowing the different materials used in building design and their respective uses is necessary, especially if you want to make sure that you’ll build a strong, durable, and resistant structure to the different elements present in the environment. In addition, material selection would be strongly influenced by the Building Code’s stringent requirements, such that materials must be able to resist fire, weather, and adverse weather conditions.  

Choosing The Wrong Materials Can Risk Safety

Materials Affect Building Design


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The right type of material for building design can reduce the chances of injuries and accidents. It’s extremely important to select suitable materials in construction. Also, some common materials, such as solvents and chemicals, emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are common groundwater and health hazards as these emit gases from certain liquids or solids.  

Thus, it’s the prime responsibility of the property owners and all involved parties in the construction to choose the most suitable material for building design. 

Choosing The Wrong Materials Can Be An Environmental Hazard 

It’s an accepted fact that human health and safety are the topmost priority for construction projects. Thus, the use of toxic materials in building design has been harshly restricted. At present, green construction methods are becoming increasingly popular, especially for non-office buildings, such as hotels and stores. These green practices help reduce the environmental impacts of materials used in building design, but they also provide better indoor air quality for the occupants of the establishment. 

The major components involved in green construction methods include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduced use of toxic materials
  • Recycling of waste materials
  • Reduced usage of non-renewable resources.


Materials Affect Building Design

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The right choice of material for building design can help you save money and ensure that your property is safe. However, the decision shouldn’t be made in haste. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the building materials and research well to ensure that you’ve chosen the best material possible. That’s simply because your choice of materials significantly affects the building design and how long the property can last.  

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