5 Top Privacy Fencing Tips and Design Ideas
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On September 13, 2022

Privacy fencing allows you to enjoy your garden free from prying eyes. However, your eyes will stop at the fence, so it’s a really impactful visual feature that you’ll want to make as attractive as possible. At the same time, you’ll be hoping that the fence will not present a great deal of maintenance work. There’s no single way to go about this, so we’ll help you to get inspired by looking at privacy fence design tips to ponder. 

1. Natural or Natural-Look?

Fencing Tips and Design Ideas

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When we are in our gardens, we are there to enjoy greenery, sunshine and a tamed version of nature. As a result, natural-looking fencing is a popular choice. Wood tops the list, but wooden fences will require maintenance every two to three years. A steel metal privacy fence with a dark matte finish can be just as easy on the eye while requiring less frequent maintenance. The lesson learned? Natural looks can come from a wide range of materials. 

2. Create Focal Points

No matter which materials you choose, a privacy fence is usually a uniform flat surface surrounding your field of vision. Make it more visually interesting by using it as a backdrop for feature shrubs. You can also consider creating focal points using wall art features which you can either buy or make yourself. One rather interesting visual trick is to mount mirrors to reflect your garden back at you. They can seem like gateways leading to still more outdoor space, making your garden look larger. Plus, if you’re working on a temporary garden or event setup, consider temporary fence hire to define your outdoor space and enhance its aesthetics with decorative elements. They can seem like gateways leading to still more outdoor space, making your garden look larger. 

3. Use Trellis-Work and Fast-Growing Climbers

Fencing Tips and Design Ideas

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Climbers like ivy that attach themselves to substrates using tough little rootlets can cause a great deal of damage to structures. Twining plants create a similar effect without the potential for damage but will need help to scramble upwards. While they are doing this, your trelliswork becomes a rustic feature on its own. Paint it white for contrast, or blend in with a natural wood-finish. 

4. Create Rhythm for a Formal Look With Visual Appeal

There’s something about repeating patterns that please our sense of aesthetics and order. Privacy fence panels are the ideal backdrop for striking pots placed at regular intervals along the fence-line and planted up with structural plants with bold shapes. For rhythm, we need repetition, so use the same pots and plants to form the pattern. 

5. Let Out Your Inner Artist With a Mural

Fencing Tips and Design Ideas

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What would be your ideal view from your garden? A realistic mural can make you feel as if you’re looking out over exactly that view, even when your neighborhood lacks scenic wonders of its own. Alternatively, you can make a bold statement with abstract art or any art style you’d like to explore. It’s a fun project for those with artistic leanings, or you can support a local artist by commissioning the mural you’d like painted on your privacy fence. Be sure to choose hard-wearing paints made to resist the elements. 

Mitigate the Downside by Adding Security Measures

Having a completely private yard can be pleasant, but your fencing will also provide privacy for intruders. Ensure that you have lighting linked to movement sensors and beef up your house’s security systems to mitigate this. If you have a big dog that likes to bark, that could be enough to do the job. The advantage of privacy fences is that we’re more inclined to use our outdoor space to the full, and that’s sufficient reason to seriously consider erecting one. 

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