Tips to Build a Bar in Your Basement - The Complete Guide
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On January 19, 2021


A desire which is within your reach is to build a bar area. Although this may seem like a significant endeavor, with a beyond fantastic reward, it is a challenge that is always simpler than anticipated.

For a pub, a cellar is an excellent venue. Here, the room is typically more abundant than those in the upper living regions. You can also obtain a reference to electrical plumbing and electrical because shacks are situated beneath existing bathrooms and kitchens.

Also, the project for the basement bar is versatile. If it sounds overwhelming to create a full-scale wet bar, start with a dry bar with no plumbing connections. You should revisit it later and install a sink and other damp bar elements if you notice that you enjoy it.

Things to be considered in the basement bar

basement bar


Bar unit

The bar unit circles around both processes, no matter whether this is a full-sized permanent unit where many visitors will sit on a barstool. Or a specific mobile bar cart that is still big enough even for drinks and glassware. People love to lean heavily to some bar seating.

Bar fridge

If you have a dry or wet bar, you can still have a bar fridge since you have a power outlet. The cubic foot selection of small, cube-sized portable fridges is suitable for a few six-packs, blenders, and a few snacks.

In the cubic foot range, bigger portable fridges will carry wine bottles, big beer bottles, as well as plenty of soda and beverages. Plus, there are generally small refrigerators in the bigger portable fridges, meaning you can still have ice on deck.

Wine cooler

Try installing an electronic wine fridge to maintain the wine at the appropriate pressure. For white wines and red wines, under-counter wine coolers keep several bottles and sustain differing conditions.

Washbasin for the bar

basement bar


You have got a sink if you have a wet bar. You can transfer ice tins into your small refrigerator’s freezer even faster with a drain than if you have to fill them in a kitchen and bathroom. You could have a ready supply of still water for beverages so you can wash cups and dishes off. Although any width can be your bar’s sink, many restaurant owners keep them slim. For most bar uses, a small bowl drop-in stainless steel basin helps.


Luxury bar stools welcome visitors to partake in refreshments at the bar. Be careful to choose stools placed with a height adjustment for a full-sized bar. Narrower seats are for lower levels, such as breakfast bars in kitchens, also called bench stools.

Storage space

Barware, blenders, and small electronics can sometimes be ignored for storage. It must have a shelf or two for holding a few things if you buy a pre-built bar set. You can make as much storage room as you would like, including filing cabinets and other additional pull-outs, if you design custom wine cellar doors.

Appropriate Lightning

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As for natural daylight, dwellings tend to be smaller. But that is your chance to build a framework for illumination that sets the right tone. Add recessed lighting or a few sconce lighting on a dimmer switch across the counter—Mount under-cabinet lights to enhance drink-making activities if the wet bar portion has open shelving. 


Do you bring them back upstairs until you are finished with all of those bottles or cans? You should not have to because you have got designated recycling bins. To keep wine foil, caps, corks, and wrappers from stacking up, stylish garbage and recycling cans are necessary.

Everything about Wet bar and Dry bar

When building your cocktail lounge, you will make the most critical decisions, whether it be a dry bar or a wet bar. Your option will modify the program’s total cost. What you could or could not do for your bar also influences it. 

Wet bar unit

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With water service pipes flowing into the bar area and subsurface drip pipes facing away to the house’s central sewage system, the wet cellar bar is wholly plumbed. For cleaning up glasses or dishes, a damp bar helps you provide an utterly working bar sink with hot and cold water.

If your pub has a dishwasher or a refrigerator with an ice machine, the water system and ventilation of a wet bar encourage these, too. 

Tips for building a wet bar!

  • Where necessary, to gain the advantage of the current plumbing, place the wet bar sink beneath an elevated kitchen or bathroom.
  • The sink of a wet bar may be independently placed but next to the bar unit. It helps the bar unit maintain the proper seating position very high and be at the average countertop level for the wet bar sink.
  • The wet bar countertop is typically a style of counter that is practical and robust.

Dry bar unit

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There is no piping for a dry cellar bar, so there is no drain or similar utilities that depend on running water. Dry bar owners also keep filthy glasses and dishes in a container or on a table and take them out for washing in the kitchen. It includes running these things up and down, as the kitchen is over the basement bar.

Why choose Dry bar?

  • It saves your tremendous quantity of funds because no sewage facility, piping, or water supplies are needed.
  • It keeps the bar versatile. If needed, it can be moved. It is only rigid in one position, but it can move quickly.
  • No requirement for plumbing licenses, authorization, or some other complicated services to take over the dry bar

How to make-up your basement bar

Location of the bar

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The freedom to embrace a portable bar cart against such a wall with no need for seats. A broader space is occupied by a bigger unit that can accommodate two or three persons. 

The safest position for a wet bar would typically be below or next to a current bathroom or kitchen since this helps you link in the distribution and irrigation lines of the plumbing. The positioning of the plumbing is not a challenge for a dry bar.

Regulate the moisture

For any cellar replating project, particularly constructing a basement bar, managing cellar moisture is essential. In subfloor structures, the corresponding panels can lift the floor covering above small moisture levels to keep the bed warm.

The most substantial cellar tile flooring are healthy, artificial, and worthy of efficiently drying out.

Take the necessary permission

In some instances, with a wet bar, you would need to submit to the state permitting office for a construction permit. If you are operating new electrical cables, you would most likely have to apply for an electric authorization for all the operations. For some form of an electrical circuit and system expansion or modification, most communities need approvals.

Do the required installing

basement bar


Hire a piping professional or do it yourself to build the cold and hot drainage supply route stub-outs and the drain line, whether this is a wet bar. The same building regulations as with kitchens would basically obey all the plumbing and lighting plans.

Locate the other appliances

The bar refrigerator, liquor or wine cooler, and other home appliances that might have been placed in the bar and off to the side can be mounted now that you have functioning outlets.


Now would be the moment to let your inventive juices pour with a roller and paint tray if your cellar bar designs call for painted walls. Or you might want to add a drywall replacement for a fresh style, such as wood trim for a retro look or layered 3D window frames.


Now it is time to enjoy yourself in your basement bar with your friends and family. Without visitors to enjoy your artistry, your cellar bar will not be full. Invite your buddies over for a drunk night. And a round of all-around mixed cocktails, fire up the processor.

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