15+ Fantastic Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom
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On July 10, 2021

For a truly luxurious bathroom, you need to start with your shower, make sure it is a place where you can start your day effortlessly or end your day with a quick day-stress.  When there is no tub option – or too much to handle the drawing of the bath – a precisely walk-in shower should do just that.  While this is absolutely practical for our daily lives, there is no reason why they cannot be so comfortable and luxurious.  (And in some ways they may even feel more comfortable than a tub)) Choose the right accessories and elegant showerheads and you’re ready.  So read on for 18 inspirational walk in shower ideas ranging from pattern-punched tiles to classic eye-catching marbles all featuring enviable walk-in showers.

There are other ways to share a walk-in shower from your bathroom.  Consider installing an 8-tiled wall next to the shower.  It goes really well with a beach theme, but can also make you feel like you’re at a spa.  It gives you a feeling of extra freedom as you are not cut off from the rest of the house.

Finally, here are the classic shower curtains too!  These are biased because they are hard to keep clean but there are a few great options – choose bold with a pattern that you don’t have to settle for ugly plastic.  This is great if you want more privacy.

1)Taps And Showerheads

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: hearstapps.com

The taps and showerheads you choose will make a huge difference not only in the look of your walk-in shower but also in how you feel about it.  First, the choice of showerheads depends on your location.  If you are working with a small house, it is more understandable that you can hang on to the back to get the handheld showerhead.

If you are building a large, luxurious, spa-style walk-in bathroom shower, consider installing a rain shower head.  Large showerheads increase water coverage and provide the ultimate in tranquility.  This type of showerhead does not have the same pressure as a small handheld or stationary one, so think about installing one of these as well – this way, you can enjoy the benefits without luxury.

The materials you choose for your tap and shower head also affect the general look of the bathroom.  Match what you already have in your bathroom, but if you’re renovating from scratch, think about what style you want to create.  Zinc or steel metal is the most common and is great for the interior of a seamless bathroom.  Brass taps lend the fountain more of the best feel, while black matte fixtures give the space an artistic look.



A great walk-in shower anywhere you feel comfortable and clean.  Choose colors accordingly.  We’ve already talked about a beach theme – you can achieve this with blues, yellow and white.

A monochromatic look doesn’t have to be dinghy.  A black and white walk-in shower makes your space look trendy and classic at the same time as long as you have enough light in your bathroom.

A spa that reconnects with nature, sticking to the earth colors.  A gorgeous brown or coffee-colored tile works well for this.


Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: hearstapps.com

In any shower, walk-in or otherwise, it is so important to think about storage.  Tilt the rams down into a pile of bottles that aren’t luxurious – install a shelf to make things easier.  There are several options: Install a kernel shelf to keep your toiletries tidy.  Or create a shelf in an alco.  To really turn it off, light the nook with a waterproof LED.  It’s also worth mounting a hook to keep your face cloths and loofahs within easy reach.

4)Luxurious Touches

While you don’t ‘decorate’ the walk-in shower ideas in the traditional sense, you can include some small details to make it a place to enjoy.  For example, many walk-in showers now include a seat – giving you more space to shave, scrub and spend time.  If you do not have space for a long bench, consider using a waterproof stool or making a corner seat.

Another way to maintain peace is to reconnect with nature.  Include plants in your bathroom design and make sure they are within the eye line when you shower.  Great way to transport you from the shower to somewhere peaceful.

5)Walk-in shower design for small bathrooms

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: britishceramictile.com

Consider other amenities when creating space for a walk-in shower in a small bathroom.  Equipped with a simple glass door, this walk-in shower provides a solid wall to display a double vanity.  A narrow glass panel on the wall adjacent to the door helps bring light from nearby windows inside the shower, while the door cutout allows steam to escape.

6)Space-savvy Walk-in Shower

Expand the utility of a small bathroom by designing a walk-in shower that provides a solid wall or walls to place the vanity or tub.  Seemingly an extension of the bathroom’s shiplap-daka walls, this knee wall is perfect for a shallow vanity with mirrored doors.  White painted walls, walk-in shower glass enclosures and tiled walls and reflective surfaces encourage light to move around the space, making the small bathroom look orbital.

7)Corner Walk-in Shower

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: britishceramictile.com

Careful space planning is required for the design of walk-in showers for small bathrooms.  Set up a walk-in shower in the corner of a small bathroom, but choose a tidy base and glass enclosure to insert the bath-air branch into the main bath area.  The new-angle design of this walk-in shower extended the square footage of the shower, giving homeowners space to add a built-in bench.

8)Shower Tile Walk-in

Add a walk-in shower that enhances the usefulness and beauty of a small bathroom.  The fountain stands only in the decorated bath, with its distinctly tiled walls and a river-rock-tiled floor that is easily accessible with a frameless glass shower enclosure.  -The board adjusts to the top trim of the windscreen.

9)Glass Shower Design

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: realhomes.com

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Attach the walk-in shower to the non-stop glass enclosure.  Transparent barriers take up very little space and allow natural light to flow between the bathroom and the shower which in turn makes a small bathroom larger than its dimensions.  The neutral tiled walls of this bathroom continue into the walk-in shower to further enhance the space-expanding maya.

10)Creative Small Bathroom Design

Rethink bathroom space available until you fit into every desired amenities.  The design of this small bathroom features a bathtub between the window wall and a compact walk-in shower;  The shower extends behind the shower to provide a complete out-of-the-bath experience.  Natural light flows through tubs, showers and vanity-contained windows.

11)Working With Glass Shower Doors

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: thespruce.com

Natural light instantly makes a small room feel more spacious.  So when it comes to walking in the bathroom showers, glass doors block the view through a scene that won’t affect the visual space too much and allow light to flow where it is most needed.

Tinted glass shower doors are great because they create a statement focal point where light can still flow freely around the room.

12)Working with Alcoves and Ives

Small bathrooms often come with awkward layouts and dimensions but try not to look at unwanted alcoves and ebony as a problem.  Use these for your convenience instead of clever walks in shower design.

Make your walk-in bathroom shower into an alcove or turn it into a prequel to use the walls as a natural partition of the house.  The ceiling windows above the shower will give you extra light and really open up space.

13)Planning Built-in Storage

Furniture and vanity units can sometimes unintentionally clutter a room, so always look for storage options, including a small, neat bath-in-shower.

Built on shelves or even a tiled bench is a great option for storage space that doesn’t take up too much space.  Proceeding to the planning stage means you can keep the floor clean and stop storage problems later.

14)Different Types Of Showers

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

source: decorsnob.com

Prefab vs. Custom

Before we begin to go into all the details, it is important to determine whether you want a prefabricated shower or a custom-built one for your bathroom.  The two are clearly different in that one of them is a single, self-contained structure that you can easily buy as you like and the other is made especially for you from scratch and thus unique.

Prefabricated showers are available in all price ranges so if you are on a small budget you can still find something suitable.  These are usually made from materials such as molded fiberglass, plastic or other synthetic alternatives.  Of course, since these are designed to be as versatile as possible, they don’t seem particularly appealing and they are usually quite simple.  These come in a few standard sizes and not many options in terms of size.

Custom-built showers, on the other hand, offer plenty of freedom.  These are of course more expensive but you can choose your preferred materials, style, shape and size for them and you can also add lots of details and features to make them more suitable for your taste and needs.  The options are endless.

15)Mixer type

A shower, be it pre-manufactured or custom-built, can use a variety of mixers.  A mixer is the part of the shower that combines hot and cold water and which controls the pressure.

The most common type is the manual mixer.  They are affordable and come in lots of different styles and they basically allow you to select the water temperature and pressure each time you use the shower which most people use constantly and can be convenient if they use it regularly but they each have different preferences regarding  Settings.

On the other hand, if you prefer temperature and always the same pressure shower, consider a thermostatic mixer.  You can set it to the desired settings and it will remember them and set them automatically every time but most importantly it will always maintain a constant temperature for the water.

The electric mixer is different in the sense that it does not require a hot water supply.  It only needs to be connected to cold water and they have a built-in heating unit that takes care of the rest.  These are especially useful for home basements and fields that do not have a hot water supply.

16)The type of enclosure

Walk-In-Shower Ideas For Your Bathroom

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We can distinguish between different types of fountains based on the shape and style of the fence.  A rectangular shower enclosure must be rectangular in shape but it can also be square.  They usually have a simple look and straight lines and edges give them a modern look.

A curved shower enclosure has a circular entrance to it.  One side of it (one towards the house) is round while the other is square and this allows the shower to fit nicely in one corner.  It is more suitable for small space bathrooms than a rectangular shower

A shower can fit perfectly in any corner even if it is not curved.  Corner shower enclosures are designed as space-efficient and come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes.

There are also showers that are smaller than normal sizes.  For example, some may have a diamond-shaped base or a completely outstanding structure.  These are referred to as neo-angle enclosure showers.  Obviously, if you are choosing a custom-built shower, you can design it in any shape.


When considering prefabricated showers you do not have the desired wide range as they are usually made from fiberglass, acrylic or other synthetic materials.  But a custom-built shower gives you a lot of freedom. You have your choice between different natural materials like stone or something more practical like tile.

The tiles are generally great because they are water-resistant, easy to clean and they come in lots and lots of different styles, patterns, colors, shapes and sizes.  You can use these to give your shower a special and unique look. If you want a shower that has a spar-like view, Stone is a great element.  It is a beautiful material that can fit all styles and is easy to clean and care for even though it requires regular revision.  Stone is also quite expensive.

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