The Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters in Your Commercial Space
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On August 25, 2020

One of the most important concerns that you need to address if you run a business or own commercial property is whether it is safe and secure. The need for safety is increasing day by day, as the number of break-ins and burglaries that are committed to commercial properties also rises. There are several factors that you need to consider when you decide how you will make your commercial property secure. Fortunately, there are plenty of different devices and types of equipment you can install to make your property completely safe and secure against theft and break-ins.

How do you make your commercial space secure?

commercial space secure


Security is the main concern for business owners nowadays, especially those with commercial units and stores. In order to improve the security of your commercial property, you must first identify the weak points and loopholes in your existing security. You need to assess your entire property to identify possible security concerns. You can increase security by installing CCTV cameras, motion sensors, security staff, alarms, safety doors, etc. The most important thing, however, is to secure entry points.

What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters are horizontal, metal, rolling doors that can be operated manually or electrically. They roll up to open and roll down to close. Roller shutters are perfect for commercial shops, workshops, warehouses, etc. They are suitable for use as a main door, and they will offer the best security and protection against bad weather.

Many types of roller shutters are available on the market. Take a look at this list:

commercial space secure


●      Traditional push and pull roller shutters

As a result, rolling shutters, also known as Rolling Doors, make your space more secure and durable. These shutters are the most basic forms of roller shutters, and yet they offer a high degree of safety and security to your space. These shutters are the most basic forms of roller shutters, and yet they offer a high degree of safety and security to your space.

●      Grilled roller shutters

Grilled roller shutters are similar to traditional roller shutters. The only difference between the two is that the upper section of these shutters consists of a grille and the lower part is made of solid metal plates. They are mostly used in warehouses where ventilation is required. They are manually operated, and they come in several different material options. The upper grille promotes the easy movement of air, while the completely solid lower half offers safety and stability.

●      Electric roller shutters

commercial space secure


Electric roller shutters are mostly used to secure big showrooms and huge commercial spaces. They are operated with the help of electronic motors. You can open and close them with just the push of a button. Since they come with high maintenance costs, they are only used by large businesses.

If you are interested in buying roller shutters, you can get the best commercial security shutters and security solutions at Rollac. These shutters can be highly beneficial for your business.

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Here  are several benefits of rolling security shutters for your business:

1.      Weather protection

Roller shutters play a very important role when it comes to protecting your commercial property against harsh weather conditions, from storms to heavy rainfall. Some of these shutters are made of high-quality steel or aluminum, which makes them very sturdy and durable for hostile weather. They are also resistant to corrosion.

2.      Security

commercial space secure


The main purpose of roller shutters is to provide your commercial property with the best security and safety. Roller shutters act as a visible deterrent to intruders and help to protect your commercial property against burglary and vandalism. Many businesses, such as shops, showrooms, workshops, warehouses, and so on, use roller shutters to keep their commercial property safe. They are an easy and effective way to ensure peace of mind after locking up your business for the day.

3.      Easy to use

People usually think that it is difficult to operate roller shutters, as they are very heavy and sturdy. This is not true, however. In reality, operating these shutters is as simple as using any other rolling door. They come with either a manual or an electric operating system. These shutters are made to measure, according to your requirements, and can be operated by anyone with ease.

4.      Privacy

Roller shutters offer a very high degree of privacy. You can just roll them down whenever you don’t want to be disturbed or are done serving customers. You can fully roll them up when you want to open your store for customers and want an unobstructed entrance. You can get custom-made shutters that are constructed from different materials, in a variety of patterns, and provide you with the level of privacy you need.

commercial space secure


5.     Energy efficiency

Roller shutters help maintain the temperature inside the premises. In hot weather conditions, keeping the shutters closed will help you keep the heat outside and maintain a cooler indoor temperature. On the other hand, in winter, it will help you keep heat inside your store. This will cut down on your heating and cooling bills and make your business more energy efficient.

6.     Easy to maintain

Roller shutters, especially the manually operated type, are very easy and affordable to maintain. All you need to do is service and grease them at regular intervals, and they will last forever. However, electric shutters are a bit more expensive to maintain due to their motors, which require more care and maintenance.

Final words

Purchasing high-quality roller shutters can prove to be a very valuable investment because it will protect and secure your commercial property. In addition to that, if you give them proper and regular maintenance, they will last for years.

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