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On April 24, 2019

The ceiling fan is a very good way to get your room cool. We have a lot of choice of cool ceiling fans but we always get confused and put a simple little fan in the last.in this article, you should read about unique cool ceiling fans ideas through which you should choose your own choice fan according to your room.

12 cool ceiling fans ideas are as follow:-

Raven LED- If you are thinking for the showstopper, then the Ravan fan is the best. This is a 72-inch diameter fan of a very large blade, inside which 31 speeds are available so that you set the temperature of your room.



cool ceiling fans ideas


Cranbrook Mint- Insert the color of mid-century in your life. This maple toned blades give a Scandinavian look to this fan of vintage which works perfectly in every style.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Haiku Alexa (smart fan)- This is the striking fan and this is the only smart fan in the group. This fan is built in wi-fi and connected with the Smartphone app through which human being controlled it properly.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Ronan Industrial- This Ronan stylish caged lighting fan displays its features of warm and vintage. it has a light bulb for the cool industry. This gives an old- fashioned look but it is at the top of the ceiling fan’s list due to its quiet nature.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Air Fusion Akmani- A fan with big blades of 60-inch diameter. It provides air circulation properly. It is also the centre of attraction of the whole room.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Torto Ceiling Fan- Its rotated blade make it a modern ceiling fan and it is available in lots of finishes. You can get it according to your decoration.

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cool ceiling fans ideas

A concept I Brushed Nickel Modern- Metal finish fan which works very well on the modern white space.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Industry Ceiling Fan- This fan is galvanized and this fan is made up like old milk can.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Sonnet Ceiling Fan- It’s clear blade scores unique and its blade is absolutely disappearing.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Light Wave- Dark color of this fan looks very amazing and light inside its center make it shinier.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Avvo Quicksilver- This is a unique ceiling fan because of its finished blades and it shines all the room.

cool ceiling fans ideas

Link two Blade- Surprisingly, two blades of this fan are pretty much ambition, and we must give it a second look.

cool ceiling fans ideas

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