Most Important Irish American Cultural Sites
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On April 16, 2020

American Culture,sites are great for the people who are interested in Irish culture. They carry great value and artistic traits that can educate you about the people of Ireland and also how they celebrated their victories and losses. These sites have been the long history of Irish and American culture and in many ways have been an example of living the American dream. Knowing these sites more can give you an amazing amount of knowledge about the Irish who came and lived in America. You can even celebrate St. Patrick’s Day better.

1. The Legacy Museum and Legacy Pavilion — Montgomery, Alabama


This museum captures the amazing spirit of the Culture of multiple places and races really well. They make the history come alive by capturing some amazing pieces of reminders that will strike a thought inside everyone who visits this place

2. National Memorial for Peace and Justice — Montgomery, Alabama


This is the ultimate spot for every Irish person who is living in alabama. The Irish people who came in this state during the early 19th century settled in this spot named the Irish channel for obvious reasons.

3. California African American Museum — Los Angeles, California

Californiahas always been popular because of its rich culture. They have been celebrating it since forever and with much enthusiasm. But if you want a much better African culture experience than just Chicago, you can head over to the California African American Museum.

4. A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum — Chicago, Illinois


This is another museum that captures the cultures really well. The people who follow the history of the races have an amazing cult fan feeling inside them and so they dedicate their lives into studying these historical pieces. This is one of the examples that really shows the amazing culture.

5. National Museum of African American History and Culture — Washington, DC

St. Patrick, Missouri

This is a great museum for the culture of African history. The American continent has a very rich American culture because of the way they tried to settle in the area but were considered outcast and even slaved sometimes. People study these cultures a lot and also show compassion for the people of the race.

6. W.E.B. Du Bois National Historic Site — Great Barrington, Massachusetts


This is another amazing historical sites for America. It delivers a good load of things that can make your mind get the most of the history of the following races. This culture has a lot to give to anyone who dares to take it in.

7. National Civil Rights Museum — Memphis, Tennessee


Civil rights have been a conversation for ages and people really talk about in this age and day. They do want to know how the early ways to make people suffer died out and new ones take its place. Even now people do not have equal rights and it is something to behold.

8. Malcolm X Memorial Foundation — Omaha, Nebraska


This memorial is an amazing one because it does a lot for the history and its important aspects. People visit every day to make sure that they do not miss out the important memorials that this place has to show and new ones being found and added.

9. Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History — Detroit, Michigan


Detroit has been a major history place for African American culture and this museum captures all the evidences of the events that went down in the history of Michigan

10. Harriet Tubman Museum — Cape May, New Jersey


This is another museum that has been an amazing capture of memories of the history of African American culture. It has an amazing architecture as well and does things very well.

11. National Museum of African American Music — Nashville, Tennessee


African American culture has a very rich music history as well. People have dedicated their lives into sustaining this culture and making it come alive.

The Irish-American Cultural sites have been very vivid and will continue to be one. Irish people immigrated to America very early because of numerous situations that dwindled their numbers and even with the discrimination that they faced, they thrived and continued to grow their culture.

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