Top 5 Reasons To Toss Toilet Paper
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On October 5, 2021

Biggest Benefits of Switching To Bidets

With all of the hype around toilet paper shortages, environmental disasters, and skyrocketing prices on consumables, it’s time to make a change. Bidet toilet seats can help with a lot more than a better clean, so stay tuned and see why the popularity of budget spray systems has dramatically increased in the last few years.

It’s the Environmentally Friendly Option

Reasons To Toss Toilet Paper


No matter how conservative you think your family is when it comes to toilet paper consumption, it adds up. 27,000 trees are destroyed every year to make TP,  and every roll adds to the impact. When you switch to a bidet toilet seat like this, you can totally eliminate paper usage in your home. Thanks to an outstanding spray pressure and a heated air dry function, you never have to use toilet paper again!

Not to mention the fact that the logging itself pollutes the air with thousands of tons of carbon emissions every year, which adds up to the death of wildlife and natural ecosystems where the logging is found; in our precious forests.

Bidets Are A Profitable Investment

Reasons To Toss Toilet Paper


Like any investment, it will require time to see the money that you save by owning a bidet, but it’s apparent. The average family spends over $100 on toilet paper annually so virtually any bidet seat will end up saving you money in the long run, even if you go for a premium model.

With bidet seats starting at $50, there is no argument that can contradict the savings. Many customers prefer to purchase a mid-class bidet seat, as this category of bidets unlocks electric features and almost always comes with a warranty. Knowing how much you save each year can really make you want to treat yourself with some extra amenities.

You Never Have To Stock Up

Reasons To Toss Toilet Paper


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Over the last year, how many people spent hundreds at a time on toilet paper, clogging up their storage space and embarrassing themselves? For those who were fortunate enough to own a bidet seat, that was never an issue. Because bidets run solely on water (and electricity, if you have an electric model), you never have to worry about getting left high and dry while on the toilet.

When you own a bidet, there is no need to stock, and no need to worry when the stores run low on toilet paper. Shortages come and go, but your bidet seat will be warm and ready for you while the neighbors are in a frenzy.

It’s A Much, Much Better Clean

For more reasons than one, bidets far outperform toilet paper. The biggest reason, however, is because bidets don’t leave residual matter like toilet paper does. Between an incomplete job and the paper that is left, you may be uncomfortable, or you may increase your chance of a bacterial infection. It’s imperative for males and females alike to get a proper clean every time, and bidets are the best option for a thorough cleanse.

Why Have A Boring Go?

Reasons To Toss Toilet Paper


Bathroom trips are a daily occurrence, so why not make your visits enjoyable? Bidet seats do a lot, and that includes adding comfort to every go with features like heated seating, user presets, deodorization, and more. Of course, the features you receive will depend on the model purchased, but many of the same features can be seen across the mid-class of bidets.


There are plenty of reasons to purchase a bidet toilet seat, but these are the top reasons why customers have made the change. With a bidet, you can help the environment, save money, and improve your bathroom visits. In addition to that, you won’t be one of the people panicking the next time there is a shortage.

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