Ultimate Guide for When and Why You Should Replace Your Glass Table Top
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On September 26, 2020

Having to replace your glass table top is not something that often crosses our minds. However, maybe it should do so. After all, just like any other piece of home or office furniture, glass table tops can suffer from age, use, and other external factors that can cause them to need replacement.

We want to help you understand what causes glass table tops to need replacement and the necessary steps you should take when finding your new glass table top also we recommend you the best glass table tops provider. In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through all of this so that you can be confident in evaluating your own furniture and taking the proper steps to upgrade.

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When Does Glass Table Top Replacement Become Essential?

For any current glass table top owners, it is important to be able to recognize what warrants a replacement. At what stage in the table’s life should it be upgraded? How much wear and tear can a table take before replacements? Let’s walk through some of the most common reasons why glass table tops need to be replaced and help you understand how to spot them.

1. There are awkward-looking scratches

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Glass, particularly tempered glass, can be a formidable material to use as a table top. It is not only strong, but also durable. However, even the strongest glass table tops are not impervious to awkward-looking scratches.

Some of the most common items around the house can be the worst culprits. Setting your car keys down on the table may seem harmless, but if something heavy accidentally gets placed on top of them and they slide, the metal can cut into the glass, causing an awkward-looking scratch. A similar scenario can happen with any tough or sharp objects around the house, such as pans, metal utensils, or candlestick holders, just to name a few.

The beauty in glass is its pristine look. When a scratch distracts from that beauty, it is probably time to replace it.

2. A visible crack appears on the glass table top

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While scratches are unpleasant to look at, visible cracks can be quite dangerous. Even small cracks can have sharp edges that may cause cuts to the skin, and they can easily grow into larger cracks that can compromise the integrity of the table.

Cracks can be caused by many things, such as placing something particularly heavy on the glass, banging the glass against another object, such as a wall, while moving it, or even positioning the table incorrectly.

If you see any visible cracks in your glass table tops, it is time to look for a replacement.

3. The glass looks too old to be used any longer

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Just like any other material, glass table tops can wear out over time, losing their strength and durability. If your table no longer has its original shine and clarity, it may be time to think about replacing it. Look for clues. Scope out some newer tables and see how your tabletop compares. If your glass tabletop is clearly aging, it may be time to say goodbye to it.

4. Glass table top upgrade is required

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Sometimes it is not the quality of the glass table top that causes it to need replacement, but rather the style. Perhaps clear glass no longer appeals to you, or that look does not match the interior design of the room where it is used. In these cases, evaluate your preferences and consider an upgrade to something that works better. That could mean changing the glass shape, or it could also mean changing the glass color to something trendier or more fashionable.

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Important Considerations for Replacing Glass Table Tops

Now that you know what can cause a glass table top to need replacement, the next step is to understand what considerations you should take before purchasing a replacement. Let’s walk through the five most important things you should keep in mind when replacing your glass table top.

1. Think about budget first

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As a buyer, this is something you probably already consider—after all, it is your money—but we need to reiterate its importance. Without a rigid budget in place, the process for finding and purchasing a replacement glass table top can be inefficient and frustrating. Streamline the experience by setting a clear budget beforehand.

2. Glass size and shape

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The next things you should think about when beginning your search for a glass table top replacement are the size and shape as you should go with any custom glass table tops or a ready made one. Perhaps you are replacing an existing table that has a crack and you want the same size and shape—that’s fine. However, if you do not know where to start your search, look into various sizes and shapes, measure the space you have for the table, and get a better understanding of what you would prefer.

There are many sizes and shapes to choose from— such as square, rectangular, round, oval, and many more. Find the best suits for your needs.

3. Style of glass edges and polishing

Many novice buyers may not realize that there is also a wide variety of glass edge styles and polishes to choose from. Here are some of the most common:

Beveled Polished Edge: These edges give added style to the top of the table around the edges, an easy way to increase the style. 

Flat Polished Edge: More commonly found on thicker tables, flat polished edges are pretty straightforward—they are flat and smooth to the touch. 

Pencil Polished Edge: These types of edges are more common on thinner tables, and the top and bottom of the table are rounded. 

Ogee Polished Edge: Another stylish polish, ogee polished edges have a drop-off before rounding out the rest of the edge, creating a small lip around the table.

4. Choosing the type of glass

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When choosing the type of glass for your table top, be sure to assess all of your options. Many people simply choose clear glass, as it is the most common and basic, but there are many more choices, such as acid etch glass, various tinted glass, low iron glass, and more. Once you know what is right for your table, you are almost ready to buy!

5. Choosing the right thickness and strength

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Lastly, be sure you are keeping in mind the thickness of the glass for your table. Just like all of the other previously-mentioned aspects to a glass table top, the thickness is an important quality not to overlook. Thicknesses typically range from about 1/8″ to 3/4″.

In addition to thickness, keep in mind that there are two common types of glass—annealed glass, which is pretty standard, or tempered glass, which adds more strength and durability.

Once you have checked off all five of these important considerations, it is time to find the right glass table top for you.

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