How to Select the Right Fibreglass Pool?
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On November 1, 2023

If you want to make your backyard cool with a fiberglass pool, we can help you choose the right one. Before you jump into this pool adventure, there are things you should know. In this guide, we’ll explain how to pick the best fiberglass pool for you.

Choosing the perfect fiberglass pool isn’t just about its size and shape. It also depends on your budget, how much space you have, and your style.

We’ll guide you through all these things and more, so you can make a smart choice that guarantees lots of fun for you and your family for many years.

So, let’s start learning about fiberglass pools and how to choose the one that’s perfect for your backyard dreams.

Things to Do Before Selecting a Fibreglass Pool Builder

Right Fibreglass Pool


Investing in a fibreglass pool is a significant decision and a large investment, one that can completely transform your backyard.

When it comes to building your dream pool, selecting the right fibreglass pool builder in Sydney is an incredibly important step. With so many different pool builders operating around Sydney, it’s important to conduct thorough research and evaluation to ensure that your project is in the hands of skilled professionals who can turn your vision into a reality.

In this blog, Awesome Pool and Spas will discuss the essential steps to help you choose the perfect fibreglass pool builder for your needs.

Researching Pool Builders in Your Area

The first step in selecting the right fibreglass pool builder is to research your options. Start by creating a list of potential pool builders in Sydney.

You can do this through online searches, asking for recommendations from friends and family, or checking local directories. Ensure you choose experienced and reputable builders with a history of delivering quality pools.

Obtaining a Quote

Right Fibreglass Pool


Once you have a list of potential pool builders, it’s time to request some quotes. This step helps you understand the cost and services offered by each builder. However, remember that the lowest quote doesn’t always mean the best value.

Look for a balance between affordability and quality. A reliable fibreglass pool builder will provide a comprehensive quote that outlines all the costs involved, including materials, labour, and any potential additional charges that might pop up.


Checking the credentials of a pool builder is crucial. You want to make sure they are qualified and licensed to carry out the work. In Australia, pool builders are required to be registered builders.

Verify their licenses and certifications and ensure they have the necessary insurance to cover any potential accidents or damage during the construction process.

At Awesome Pool and Spas, we are NSW registered builders with comprehensive insurance coverage, and we’re are committed to providing you with a secure and worry-free pool building process.

Asking the Right Questions

Right Fibreglass Pool


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When you’ve narrowed down your list, it’s time to interview the potential pool builders. Asking the right questions can help you gain valuable insights into their expertise and approach. Here are some questions to consider: 

  • How many years of experience do you have in building fibreglass pools?
  • Can you provide references or examples of your previous pool projects?
  • What is your process for building a fibreglass pool?
  • Are there any potential challenges or limitations for my project?
  • How long will the construction process take, and what is the estimated completion date?
  • What kind of warranties and after-sales support do you offer?

Assessing Their Work

One of the most effective ways to evaluate a pool builder is by assessing their previous work. Ask for a portfolio of their completed projects to see if their style aligns with your vision.

Take a look at the quality of the construction, attention to detail, and the overall aesthetics of the pools they have built. You may also consider visiting some of their completed projects or contacting previous clients for feedback if this is possible.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Right Fibreglass Pool


In addition to assessing their work, read online reviews and testimonials from previous clients. These can provide valuable insights into the builder’s customer service, reliability, and the overall experience clients had while working with them.

Build With the Experts at Awesome Pool and Spas

Choosing the right fibreglass pool builder in Sydney is a big decision that could make or break your pool project.

Thorough research, obtaining quotes, verifying credentials, asking questions, assessing their work, and considering customer feedback are all essential steps in making an informed choice. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your investment in a beautiful fibreglass pool is in the hands of capable professionals who will bring your dream pool to life. To discuss any of the above with our expert team at Awesome Pool and Spas, please visit our contact page. 

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