6 Ways to Avoid Injuries When Preparing for a Move
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On April 29, 2021

Relocating is one of the most physically demanding experiences you can go through. You have to spend countless hours preparing and packing your belongings for the move.

You also have to squeeze in other chores, such as cleaning and washing your items and clothes, creating itineraries, purging, and selling or donating some possessions.

All these activities can leave you physically and mentally drained.

Unfortunately, these chores won’t only leave you exhausted; they can also cause some injuries.

Constant lifting without practising the right techniques can cause back and muscle injuries.

A hernia is another medical issue that you may have to deal with during a big move. Muscle strain, together with muscle weakness, can lead to this injury, which usually requires surgery to be treated.

You are also at risk of getting hand, finger, and toe injuries as you lift and move items and boxes frequently.

Getting hurt is the last thing you want to happen when preparing for a domestic or international move. When you get sidelined because of an injury, you will have to put a halt to your other prep activities.

This, in turn, can affect your plans and possibly delay your move.

Staying Injury-Free Throughout Your Move

Avoid Injuries When Preparing for a Move

source: esremovals.com.au

Trusted providers of removal services and international relocation specialists share below the best tips you can follow to avoid injury and stay healthy when preparing for a big move:

Use the right tools and equipment

Having the tools and equipment you need for packing and other prep activities won’t only make you more productive and efficient; it will also help you stay safe as you go through all your chores.

Some tools and equipment that can help you be more efficient and keep injuries at bay as you prepare for your move are:

  • Moving gloves – Thick canvas gloves can help protect your hands from cuts, bruises, and scrapes.  
  • Slider pads – You can move furniture and appliances quicker and without scratching the floor when you attach slider pads on their legs or bottom parts. These accessories also help reduce the physical stress on your body when you push or pull them from one place to another.
  • Dollies and hand trucks – These pieces of equipment on wheels allow you to lift and move larger items, such as furniture, appliances, and boxes, faster. They also reduce the strain you put into doing these chores.

Additionally, ensuring you have the right packing materials can also keep you injury-free throughout the prep process.

Getting good-quality boxes that do not break easily is a must for proper packing.

Also, use durable shipping or packing tape when securing them. Make sure you have plenty of bubble wrap and paper as well.

Designate a packing space

Avoid Injuries When Preparing for a Move

source: apartmentguide.com

Boxes, box cutters, scissors, packing tapes, and other moving supplies can turn into hazards, especially when you leave these lying around on the floor.

To prevent slips, falls, and cuts caused by these items, rope off an area or choose a room where you can do all your packing and store your supplies.

Once you have your packing area ready, keep it organized. Put scissors, box cutters, and other sharp objects in drawers. Also, arrange boxes in neat piles and clear pathways to minimize falls and trips.

If the packing room or space already has too many boxes, move those to another area but keep them organized.

Practice safe and proper lifting techniques

Since most moving-related injuries are caused by incorrect lifting practices, you have to know and follow the correct techniques for doing them.

Below are the correct and safe lifting techniques you will do well to follow throughout the relocation process:

Avoid lifting items over your head

Avoid Injuries When Preparing for a Move

source: gobankingrates.com

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Lifting anything over your head, including light boxes or bags, can put a strain on your upper back and shoulders. If you do this frequently, you may eventually develop injuries in these areas.  

Always lift with your legs

Lifting with your legs is the simplest tip you can follow to avoid injuring yourself when packing and moving to somewhere. This technique prevents you from straining your back muscles. Moreover, it helps you from getting tired too quickly.

Avoid rushing

Lifting something heavy too quickly can cause you to twist a muscle. Additionally, doing so is a sure-fire way of dropping and breaking furniture pieces, decor, and appliances.

Keep the load centered when lifting items

When lifting heavy items, keep them close to your body and centered based on your body height. And when walking, always take small steps.

Follow proper packing methods

Packing your items correctly can also help you avoid injuries when preparing for a move.

Here are some of the best packing tips you will do well to follow:

  • Avoid over-packing boxes. Ensure each carton or container is not too heavy that a person can’t carry it.
  • Pack heavy items at the bottom of the box and lighter ones on top of them. Doing so ensures the light things won’t get crushed during transport.
  • Wrap all fragile or breakable items with bubble wrap, packing paper or newspaper, or even old blankets. Doing so will prevent your valuables from breaking easily during transport, which can cause injuries when you unpack your boxes.  

Keep your children and pets away when you’re working

Avoid Injuries When Preparing for a Move

source: premierevanlines.com

When you’re busy packing, looking after your little ones and pets will be impossible.

Setting a designated packing area and keeping your children and pets out of it will help you work faster and more efficiently. You will also be able to follow all the other safe moving preparation tips.

Your children and pets will also avoid getting hurt when they are not in the room since they may tread on or play with your scissors and sharp items accidentally.

To keep your young and furry family members safe as you pack, have an adult babysit them or leave them at a relative’s or neighbor’s home.

Make your property safe for moving day

Lastly, preparing your home for your big move can also ensure you stay safe and injury-free.

Follow these tips to have a safe, injury-free moving day:

  • Keep hallways and pathways clear of clutter and obstacles.
  • Trim shrubs and branches, which can interfere with your and your movers’ mobility.
  • Keep your pathways and lawn free of mud, water puddles, snow or ice, and dust.
  • Pile packed boxes neatly to help movers transport them faster.

Don’t forget that you can also hire professional packers to help you with all the relocation prep steps. 

With their assistance, you can get plenty of work done before the big day without any risk of hurting yourself and your loved ones.

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