Types of Epoxy Flooring and the Applicable Places
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On December 29, 2020

Residential and commercial property owners prefer epoxy flooring because of its versatility and the ability to be customized to any design.

When it comes to deciding the new flooring system for your residential or commercial floors, epoxy resin flooring tops the list for many reasons. Epoxy floor is durable, customizable, and maintainable. Not only does the floor make your building decorative but also resistant to wear and tear.

If you are considering epoxy floors, here are the different types you can choose depending on where you intend to have them.

Flooring Systems and Benefits of Epoxy 


Epoxy Flooring

source: prosurfacerestore.com

Self-leveling is an epoxy floor that you can install over, old, new, or cracked and even damaged for smoothness and enhanced durability. Not only does it give you a shiny, seamless look, but it also comes in different appealing colors. You can use it in commercial rooms, manufacturing rooms, warehouses, showrooms, and athletics facilities.

Epoxy flake

Epoxy flake contains flake material of different colors inserted in the epoxy to create a multi-hued look. The surface provides subtle grooves eliminating any slips and fall while maintaining a seamless look. It is applicable in sports pitches, locker rooms, showrooms, clinics, and commercial kitchens.

Quartz filled epoxy floor

This floor involves a combination of high-performance epoxy polymer resin and stained quartz grains. It is ideal when used as a decorating tool, hence suitable for restrooms, schools, cafeterias, lobbies, and more.

Epoxy mortar

Epoxy mortar floor is termed as the most stringent epoxy floor system existing. It is made of pure solid epoxies or quartz sand and ideal for spaces with chemical-related substances. Epoxy mortal is resistant to chemical and withstand such significant impacts and is usable in repairing

Cracks right before installing another floor. It is suitable for spaces dealing with chemicals, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and kitchens.


Epoxy Flooring

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It is one of the most delicate floors; as the name suggests, it reduces static dangers on the floors, experiencing static charges. It holds the conductive compound that accumulates and dissipates potential static charges. Benefits of Epoxy Flooring Systems Hiring experienced contractors come with some benefits, and here are some of them.

Smooth and resilient surfaces

Suppose you hire a professional and experienced Contractor, without any doubt, they will do the recommended job, combine it with proper maintenance, and the outcome would be a durable, smooth, and resilient surface.

Minimized lifetime cost

Enhanced eye appeal A good design attracts and catches visitors’ Attention coming into your space, especially the floor with a wide array of stains and color options. This would be felt more if you can use an epoxy System with colored microchips combined with a high touch finish.

Top Consideration for Installation and Maintenance of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Expertise and quality

Epoxy Flooring

source: epoxyfoxy.com

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While installation of the epoxy flooring is paramount, never underrate the expert installing your floor. A professional building comes with some benefits, including eliminating any chance of premature peel and chip while keeping low maintenance cost. In this scenario, it is best to contact your local epoxy expert installer. They will provide you with professional advice regarding epoxy floorings.


Epoxy flooring systems are installed with one sole aim of creating a resilient and beautiful appeal. However, it will not happen until you do proper preparation before installation. With an expert, they evaluate the cracks or damage. Depending on the crack or damage extent, consider removing the previous coating and cleaning the surface. If the situation allows, they might patch the cracks using cement and then start the installation.


 Sweeping or even day to day cleaning is acceptable and recommendable. Avoid regular deep cleaning and only do it after a couple of months when you realize a deep clean is needed. When you are doing a deep clean, avoid using soapy detergent, which might leave a filmy sheen on your floor.

 Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy Flooring

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 It is always a dream of everyone to live and in an aesthetic and resilient vicinity, which is enhanced by installing different epoxy flooring systems. Some of the installation processes are DIY. However, not everybody can do that. And that is why professionals and experts are there to serve you. 

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